US Having It’s Coolest Year On Record

The percentage of US HCN stations to reach 90 degrees was the smallest on record this year, with four of the five coolest years occurring above 350 PPM CO2.

ScreenHunter_4027 Oct. 25 11.09

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Ronaldo V Messi At Noon

I’ll be at Union Jack’s pub in Columbia at noon, if you want to watch some football.

ScreenHunter_4025 Oct. 25 09.33

10400 Little Patuxent Pkwy – Google Maps

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Fort Lauderdale Sea Level Identical To 55 Years Ago

Newsbusters found this. The beach at Fort Lauderdale is identical to 55 years ago, when the movie “Where The Boys Are” was filmed.


ScreenHunter_4022 Oct. 25 08.20 


ScreenHunter_4023 Oct. 25 08.22

‘Where the Boys Are’ Disproves Rising Seas Scare

People claiming sea level rise have no idea what they are talking about

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Hansen Finally Gets Something Right

Hansen points out in this video that the methane global warming scam is nothing but BS, because the concentration of CH4 is far to low to have any meaningful effect. Look for alarmists to ignore their prophet.

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Gavin Doesn’t Understand His Own Data

Yesterday on twitter I pointed out to Gavin that he calculates 1880 surface temperatures to 0.01 precision, despite not having any data for most of the land surface.

ScreenHunter_4012 Oct. 25 06.00

Gavin responded by claiming that his use of error bars means he is not calculating 0.01 precision.

ScreenHunter_4013 Oct. 25 06.01

I responded with the GISS data, and showed that he is reporting temperatures to 0.01 precision.

ScreenHunter_4014 Oct. 25 06.01

But here comes the real kicker. Gavin claims 0.1 error bars, but GISS has changed their own data by much more than that since 2001.

ScreenHunter_4015 Oct. 25 06.13
2001 version :……FigA.txt

current :

The animation below alternates between the current graph with error bars, and the 2001 version. The points from the 1880’s are nearly 300% outside of Gavin’s top error bars.


They are adjusting the data by a much larger amount than their own error bars, which is scientific gibberish.

Everything about NASA temperature data reeks of propaganda. It doesn’t pass the most basic sniff tests as legitimate data. The error bars are meaningless green crayon.

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Relationship Of Sea Level And Lower Troposphere Temperature Along The Equator

Along the equator, sea surface height and lower troposphere temperature track each other very closely

ScreenHunter_4003 Oct. 25 01.01

At the blue circle we see almost perfect correlation between changes in lower troposphere temperature and changes in sea surface height (see graph below.) Note that neither shows any net change since 1992.

ScreenHunter_4002 Oct. 25 00.58

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Peter Gleick Continues His Criminal Activity In California

Here’s How San Francisco is Bracing for Sea Level Rise
Estimated to Impact $48 Billion in Assets
October 24, 2014

San Francisco’s Capital Planning Committee (CPC) has adopted what is being called the most comprehensive guidelines in the nation for preparing for the impacts of sea level rise on a city’s infrastructure.

“This is the first time that I’ve seen a city really actively assessing the risks to new public investments,” Jessica Grannis of Georgetown’s Climate Center told VICE News.

The guidelines assume sea level rise of 11 inches, plus or minus 4 inches, by 2050 and as much as 66 inches by 2100.

With roughly seven million people living in the San Francisco Bay Area, the potential for displacement and damage to business and ecosystems is enormous. The Pacific Institute, a think-tank focusing on sustainable development, estimates $48 billion of assets could be impacted in San Francisco alone.

“Over the next 10 years we expect that we are going to be investing $25 billion in public infrastructure in San Francisco,” Brian Strong, Director of San Francisco’s Capital Planning Program, told VICE News.

Here’s How San Francisco is Bracing for Sea Level Rise Estimated to Impact $48 Billion in Assets | VICE News

While fishing for money, Gleick apparently forgot to tell them that neither tide gauges nor satellites show any sea level rise around San Francisco.

Tide gauge in the San Francisco Bay shows no sea level rise for 70 years.

ScreenHunter_3999 Oct. 24 23.49

CU satellite sea level data for San Francisco also shows no rise in sea level.

ScreenHunter_3997 Oct. 24 23.48

The city government is being defrauded out of tens of billions of dollars, to solve a problem which doesn’t exist.

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