Why Hansen Had To Corrupt The Temperature Record

The two graphs below show what temperatures used to look like in the US and Iceland, before they were tampered with at GISS. The 1930s was the hottest decade, and temperatures were declining. This disproved Hansen’s theories, so he had to get rid of the graphs.

The blink comparators below show how Hansen got rid of those unwanted cooling trends.

Our lukewarm friends say that GISS data is all good, which means that the Earth is both warming and cooling at the same time.

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20 Responses to Why Hansen Had To Corrupt The Temperature Record

  1. Tomwys says:

    I hope an explanation by GISS for the “adjustments” will be forthcoming, as it is surely warranted!

    • gator69 says:

      They have their excuses which are published along with the massaged data. Read it only if you want your head to hurt worse than it does looking at these graphs.

  2. Mariana Torres says:

    Tomwys no they wont they never will they are beholden to no one. The guy should definitely be held to account when the powers to be realize they’ve been had major wise

  3. tckev says:

    Idiot adjustments made by a man that utterly debases NASA and all it stands for.

  4. Jimmbbo says:

    As if NASA hasn’t been embarrassed enough by being turned into the “Muslim Feel Good and Meals on Wheels Association” and being forced OUT of the manned space mission by the incompetent Community Organizer in Chief, Hansen drags it furtther into the mud with his “If you don’t like the answer, FUDGE the data” approach…

  5. Andy DC says:

    Hansen is no less corrupting than your worst Mafia boss.

  6. scizzorbill says:

    Whatever it takes to agree with the AGW agenda; Hansen will do it.

  7. john dees says:

    Are you people serious? Why dont you check out the study that the Koch Brothers funded? They wanted this Berkley scientist to agree with you…they PAID him to disprove climate change….and he returned with a report that said the EARTH IS DEFINATELY WARMING. Hansen is not the only scientist telling the truth….Like 99% of the climate scientists and geologists on the PLANET say the planet is warming. The other 1% work for Big Oil and say what they are PAID to say. Give it up. You’re hurting everyone with this disinformation.

    • John,

      I have presented a simple and straightforward analysis of data from the GISS website. Do you have any comment about the data, or are you only interested in gossip? I really have no idea who the Koch brothers are, and Muller made no attempt to evaluate if the data had been altered – which is the topic of this post. Everyone agrees that the altered data shows warming, so what is your point?

    • LLAP says:

      @John: You warmists are so predictable. Anything that contradicts AGW must be funded by the Koch brothers or Big Oil who are evil, thereby making that reserach wrong. Never mind facts, just guilt by association. By the way, if you think Hansen is telling the truth, keep this in mind – he is an anti-coal activist. Do you really think he is going to be objective in his science when he injects so much activist politics into it?

    • Jimmbbo says:

      psst… the point is that the earth is NOT WARMING….NO increase as forecast by the hallowed IPCC models, or as shrieked in Algore and Hansen’s outrageous claims.

      What you demonstrate is the sad application of an ancient debate trick long worn out by the loony left… If the facts don’t support your position, attack your opponent… Since the facts SELDOM support their positions, they employ it regularly, along with other Alinsky tools of isolation and ridicule…

    • Russell C says:

      “ … The other 1% work for Big Oil and say what they are PAID to say …”

      As I have written in 40+ online articles and blogs about that very accusation…… two words: Prove it. Fail to do so, and potentially the entire idea of AGW blows up.

      “Global Warming’s Killer: Critical Thinking” http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/06/global_warmings_killer_critical_thinking.html

  8. jimmbbo says:

    @ anton
    Thanks for the clear demonstration of the warmists’ command of logic and the English language… when you can’t argue the facts, attack your opponent… Saul Alinsky would be proud!

  9. stiles77 says:

    Wow! You guys must be the only ones left holding onto the truth about global warming. Don’t be discouraged by the alarming temperature spikes all around the world or the extreme weathure events. Keep playing those violins.

  10. Allan says:

    Having worked in a major University I can attest to the fact that many ‘ researchers’ are making huge amounts of money for what they freely admitted to me was a huge scam. One freely admitted that he had to keep 53 researchers employed and the Global Warming Scam finance was a bottomless pit of money – purely politically driven. So wake up world and stop the guilt trip and self flaggelation. Get on with life and see everything grow better as the natural sun cycle will produce more carbon dioxide for those awful trees and crops to grow faster and better

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