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Corn Belt Summers Getting Much Cooler

The White House threatened Americans with a longer growing season today. The changes could …  lead to a lengthened growing season in the Midwest … according to the report No doubt the thought of higher productivity and lower food prices scares socialists everywhere, but … Continue reading

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No Global Warming Since The Kyoto Treaty Was Rejected

In October, 1997, Bill Clinton called Al Roker to the White House to help push global warming alarmism, in an attempt to pass Kyoto. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama weather deja vu The stars of meteorology were aligned as the White … Continue reading

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US Summer Afternoon Temperatures Have Plummeted Since The 1930’s

The White House says that heat waves are getting worse in the US, but the data says the exact opposite. Summer maximum temperatures have declined sharply in the US, and are near historic lows.

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More Wildly Bogus Claims From The White House

The White House is claiming that hot spells are becoming more severe and frequent in the US. This is utter nonsense, with no factual basis. The number of 100 degree readings in the US have declined sharply since the 1930’s and … Continue reading

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Snow Job From The White House

The White House is claiming today Winter storms have increased in frequency and intensity The IPCC says the exact opposite.

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Great Lakes Ice Obliterates All May Records

The Great Lakes are normally ice-free in May. This year they are still 15 % ice covered, which is 300% of the previous record. 20140505180000_CVCHDCTGL_0007650713.gif (1100×850) NOAA says that many years were colder in the upper midwest, because they tamper … Continue reading

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Real Pollution Vs. Imaginary Pollution

Prior to the passage of the Clean Air Act, the US had some serious air pollution problems. This is what LA looked like in 1948. There were many days when you could hardly see across the Grand Canyon, because of … Continue reading

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Resistance Is Not Futile!

The donate button has gotten an excellent response so far. Readers from at least seven countries have donated, with the largest response being from the People’s Republic of Boulder. Very gratifying to see that my efforts are being appreciated. It … Continue reading

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Michigan Has Already Had The Second Largest Number Of Below 0F Readings In One Year

With several cold months left to go in 2014, Michigan has already recorded the second largest number of below 0F readings in a single year. Only 1963 had more.

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Don’t Buy From This Dishonest Data Butcher

From Obama’s climate assessment : Over the past century, global sea level has risen by about 8 inches. Since 1992, the rate of global sea level rise measured by satellites has been roughly twice the rate observed over the last … Continue reading

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