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Anything For You, Zeke

Zeke insists that temperature anomalies will produce different patterns for the US than absolute temperatures. So I tried it out. The anomaly graph is almost identical. This is calculated by averaging the daily anomalies of the min/max thermometer readings from each station … Continue reading

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Australia Afternoons Used To Be Much Hotter

Days in Australia over 100 degrees used to be much more common. Australia’s hottest year was 1878.

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Ban Assault Phones

Deadly cell phones in the hands of teenagers kill thousands of people every year, and injure hundreds of thousands. If CNN devoted an hour to every cell phone massacre, that would be all they covered 24X7. The number of people killed … Continue reading

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Pattern Matching Quiz

Something is similar, and something is different about these two pictures. 2014 2007   Extra credit picture

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Some Progress With Australia

The absolute temperature graphs I posted earlier show that there are some serious discontinuities in the Australian temperature record. There was a huge increase in the number of temperature readings, immediately after 1956. Because the Australian record is so fragmented, … Continue reading

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The Australian Temperature Record Looks Very Problematic

My previous analysis of Australia was incorrect. I wasn’t properly differentiating between stations with only precipitation data, and those with temperature data. That caused me to include stations with no temperature data in 1895. The graph below shows the average station … Continue reading

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Going Down Under [IGNORE THIS]

[UPDATE : This post is incorrect. I incorrectly included stations which had precipitation data back to 1895, but not necessarily temperature data. Ignore everything below, while I do further analysis] There are 202 GHCN stations in Australia which were active … Continue reading

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