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A New Moron Of The Day!

First this guy attacks me for not using my real name, a couple minutes later he attacks me for using my real name.  Renew Comm’ty Power ‏@RenewCP You really can’t make up stupid like this.

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Joe McCarthy Back In The Senate

BY SHELDON WHITEHOUSE The Providence Journal’s Commentary pages have long been a forum for informed opinions, so I remain disappointed to see it publish polluter propaganda such as the Oct. 21 Commentary piece by Tom Harris and Bob Carter (“Whitehouse … Continue reading

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Serreze Arctic Scam Set To End Soon

Alarmists are in huge trouble in the Arctic. Cold water in the North Atlantic is causing a large increase in ice in the Barents and Greenland Seas, and cold water in the Bering Sea will later cause a large increase in the … Continue reading

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He Is So Open Minded That He Refuses To Consider Other Points Of View

 Steve Goddard on Twitter.”

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Global Warming And Marathons

Two years ago, climate geniuses told us that marathons are doomed by global warming. Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times? – Yahoo News This weekend will be one of the coldest New York Marathons, with forecast highs in the 40’s. But … Continue reading

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Shock News : Swiss Glaciers Were Disappearing Before The SUV Was Invented

 29 Dec 1900 – The Swiss Glaciers Decreasing.

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Heidi Defines Climate!

Heidi can now determine the climate from one day at one location. Maximum temperatures in Australia this month have been just about average.

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