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US Nighttime Temperatures Coldest In 35 Years, Sixth Coldest On Record

Through July 27th, nighttime temperatures in the US this year have been the coldest since 1979, and the sixth coldest on record. This is quite remarkable considering that UHI is warming nighttime temperatures by several degrees.

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The Importance Of The Big Lie

Alarmists have no facts to deal with any more, and are now completely dependent on repeating a few nonsensical big lies. Few people other than Obama could pack so much bullshit into one sentence. Besides all the other idiocy in Holthaus’ … Continue reading

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How To Make A Map Completely Unintelligible

It would be difficult to imagine a more insidious color scale than used by the new Unisys SST anomaly maps.

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It Wasn’t Always This Cool In Al Gore’s Home State

Yesterday was 84F in Clarksville, TN – but in 1952 it was 110F on the same date.

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War Is Hell

Teaming up with Hitler didn’t work out very well for the Japanese.

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Ice Loss Over The Past Three Days

I mentioned a few days ago that high pressure over the East Siberian Sea was going to cause ice compaction in that region. The map below shows the three day reduction in extent there in red, and an increase in … Continue reading

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Fewest 100 Degree Readings In Over A Century In The US

Through July 27, NOAA US HCN stations have reported the fewest number of 100 degree readings, since at least 1910. In 1936, almost 10 times as many 100 degree readings were reported.

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Latest Conspiracy Theory From The Climate Morons

Last week, ClimateCrocks started the latest round of conspiracy theorizing – when they implied that DMI’s Arctic graphs (which showed a sharp decrease in ice loss rates) were somehow different from the other groups measuring the same data. It is difficult … Continue reading

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Coldest Summer On Record At The North Pole

This summer is shaping up to be the shortest and coldest on record north of 80N, which is consistent with the lack of melting in the Arctic Basin over the last 2-3 weeks. The previous coldest summer was 2013. COI | Centre … Continue reading

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Spiderman In Times Square

The police took down Spiderman in Times Square yesterday. I didn’t see it happen, but was there probably a few minutes earlier. There were a lot of police with their attention focused on the superheroes and Disney characters gathered there. … Continue reading

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