Ice Growth In The Arctic Since Yesterday

Green shows areas of ice gain since yesterday. Red shows regions of ice loss. Cold temperatures and a cyclone in the western Arctic have essentially halted ice extent loss.

ScreenHunter_1012 Jul. 14 20.28

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It Is The People, Stupid

A few weeks ago, a deranged young Hollywood progressive stabbed several people to death, killed a few more with his car, then killed a few more with a handgun. Progressives immediately blamed the behavior of their spawn on his gun.

Here in Maryland, people don’t consider themselves responsible enough to own guns. So they get large aggressive dogs instead – which they typically can’t handle. I have had numerous encounters with out of control dogs over the last two months, including last night when my dogs were attacked by two large dogs which the owners were too irresponsible to control.

Unfortunately, my Colorado concealed carry permit is not honored in 70% Democratic Maryland – in direct violation of the US Constitution.

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

We need to elect responsible people to government, and attempt to restore America to sanity. Progressives don’t have the mental facilities to manage their own lives, much less those of other people.

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Chris Turney Says That His Getting Stuck In The Ice Was “Desperately Needed”

Chris Turney says that his getting stuck in the ice, costing taxpayers millions, was desperately needed by the honorable Julia Gillard

ScreenHunter_1006 Jul. 14 07.23

Return to the Home of the Blizzard | Intrepid Science

ScreenHunter_1008 Jul. 14 07.26 ScreenHunter_1009 Jul. 14 07.27 ScreenHunter_1011 Jul. 14 07.28

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An Inconvenient Truth

One of many inconvenient truths is that the amount of sea ice on Earth has been persistently above normal for the last 18 months.

Nobel Laureate Al Gore predicted an ice-free Arctic this summer (aka the “recovery summer” of Nobel Laureate Barack Obama.)

ScreenHunter_1203 Jan. 02 06.19ScreenHunter_1000 Jul. 14 06.07

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More Arctic Sea Ice Than 110 years Ago

People are getting stuck in the ice in 2014, but the Northwest Passage was open in 1904.

ScreenHunter_1003 Jul. 14 06.47

FRANCE HONORS AMUNDSEN. – Explorer Says Northwest Passage Is Not Practicable for Trade. – View Article –

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Arctic Basin Not Melting

The Arctic Basin is at the peak of the melt season, but is barely melting. The map below shows changes in ice over the last three days. Green shows increased ice, and red shows decreased ice.

Due to cold air and an Arctic cyclone, it is likely that ice extent in the Chukchi Sea will actually increase over the next few days.

ScreenHunter_1001 Jul. 14 06.35

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Government Climate Lies Claim Their First Victim Of The Summer

Mariner trying to sail Northwest Passage rescued after sailboat gets stuck in sea ice near Barrow

Michelle Theriault Boots July 13, 2014

ScreenHunter_1000 Jul. 14 06.07

Mariner trying to sail Northwest Passage rescued by Coast Guard after sailboat gets stuck in sea ice near Barrow | Alaska Dispatch

h/t to Chewster

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