Fall/Winter Snow Cover Rapidly Expanding For The Past 35 Years

Contrary to the nonsense forecast and reported by climate experts, the amount of fall/winter snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere has been rapidly expanding. This is due to increased intrusion of cold Arctic air, which is spreading further south.

ScreenHunter_4883 Dec. 03 07.33

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

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Arctic Gives The Finger To Nobel Laureate

We are just one week away from the Al Gore Nobel Prize winning ice-free Arctic forecast, and Arctic sea ice extent is at a record high for the past decade, and rising at record pace.

ScreenHunter_4874 Dec. 03 04.37COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Another Alarmist Icon Bites The Dust

One of the favorite global warming scams was the “Hudson Bay freezes over later than it used to, threatening Polar Bears” scam.

The Hudson Bay will be frozen over about two weeks earlier than normal this year.

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The Horrors Of A Warm Climate

Yesterday morning I was playing water polo and enjoying the warmth of the happy, friendly indigenous people who live in the overheated Yucatan Peninsula.

This morning I was enjoying the company of angry, frustrated, frozen Marylanders stuck in a massive traffic jam on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

Climate experts say that cold climates are better, and that we should destroy the economy in a mindless, superstitious effort to keep them cold.

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November North American Snow Cover Increases To An All-Time Record

Contrary to the lies and forecasts of climate experts, November snow extent has been increasing and was at an all-time record high this year. This was due to a widespread intrusion of cold air at latitudes further south than normal.

ScreenHunter_4871 Dec. 02 19.29

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

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Don’t Be A Global Warming Stooge

ScreenHunter_4866 Dec. 02 16.17

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The amount of snow/ice which accumulates on Greenland’s surface is much greater than the amount of melt. This autumn, accumulation is at a record high.

Some skeptics fall into the trap of believing alarmist BS about “total mass balance” and “basal melt” Those are things which can’t be measured accurately, and are a response to the surface mass balance. If the amount of ice accumulating on the surface increases or decreases, then the amount of ice flowing to the sea will eventually adjust to match the surface mass balance – and return to steady state equilibrium. Over the long term, the amount of snow accumulation, melt and glacial loss has to be a net zero.

The only interesting long-term metric is the surface mass balance. which shows that more snow falls on Greenland’s surface every year than melts from Greenland’s surface. This tells us that Greenland is absolutely not melting down. It is possible that there is a temporary imbalance between accumulation and calving, but this will eventually adjust back to a net zero.

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Alarmists Finding New Ways To Spin The Catastrophic Failure Of Climate Models

This MIT article admits that Mann-made global warming is BS, then goes on to spin even more BS to make it sound like that isn’t want they are really saying.

This is the only sentence in the article which has any substance.

Will we actually ever see the longwave trapping effects of CO2 in future observations? I think the answer is probably no.”

The missing piece of the climate puzzle | MIT News

They can’t leave it at that, so they go on with paragraphs of BS to make it sound like they are saying something completely different. This one is the punch line.

As longwave radiation gets trapped by CO2, the Earth starts to warm, impacting various parts of the climate system. Sea ice and snow cover melt, turning brilliant white reflectors of sunlight into darker spots.

These geniuses just contradicted their entire thesis about longwave radiation (not) being trapped by CO2. Not to mention the fact that the amount of sea ice on Earth is above normal, and that winter snow extent has been increasing and is at record highs.

The takeaway from the article is that the authors believe that Mann-made global warming is nonsense, but can’t say it for political reasons.

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