More Reasons Why BOM Pretends They Don’t Know About Pre-1910 Temperatures

ScreenHunter_3609 Oct. 11 22.25  18 Jan 1896 – Hawkesbury Heat.

ScreenHunter_3607 Oct. 11 22.21ScreenHunter_3608 Oct. 11 22.23

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The current view of the consensus, is that the climate universe revolves around a single molecule.

ScreenHunter_3595 Oct. 11 12.04

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Animation Showing Why Arctic Alarmists Are In Trouble

Over the last two years, older thicker ice has been moving into the western Arctic (towards Alaska) making low summer minimums much less likely. Color code shows ice age in years


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Arctic Sea Ice Growth

Green below shows the growth in Arctic sea ice over the same date seven years ago

ScreenHunter_3591 Oct. 11 10.34

Green below shows the growth of Arctic sea ice over the last seven days.

ScreenHunter_3590 Oct. 11 10.30

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All Warming In NSW And Victoria Is Due To UHI

I did a survey of the ten oldest stations in New South Wales And Victoria, circled below. Three rural stations were not included because of obvious problems with the data, but none showed any warming.

DENILIQUIN (WILKINSON ST)              ASN00074128
BATHURST GAOL                          ASN00063004
SYDNEY (OBSERVATORY HILL)              ASN00066062
CAPE OTWAY LIGHTHOUSE          GSN     ASN00090015
BOURKE POST OFFICE                     ASN00048013
WAGGA WAGGA (KOORINGAL)                ASN00072151
FORBES (CAMP STREET)                   ASN00065016
INVERELL COMPARISON                    ASN00056017
GUNNEDAH POOL                          ASN00055023

ScreenHunter_3589 Oct. 11 08.55

The two urban stations at Melbourne and Sydney both showed strong warming, and both have disastrously poor siting of their thermometers in the middle of large cities.

ScreenHunter_3552 Oct. 11 07.59ScreenHunter_3566 Oct. 11 08.22

By contrast, all of the rural stations show a long term cooling trend, with some recent warming. (Note that there is no data for the most recent years with some of the rural stations.)

ScreenHunter_3563 Oct. 11 08.17 ScreenHunter_3558 Oct. 11 08.11

ScreenHunter_3570 Oct. 11 08.28 ScreenHunter_3574 Oct. 11 08.34

ScreenHunter_3582 Oct. 11 08.47

The only conclusion which can be derived from this is that Australia has not warmed long-term, and that BOM claims of record temperatures are due to UHI and/or data tampering.

For all GHCN stations in Australia, there is no net warming since 1880

ScreenHunter_3512 Oct. 11 05.31

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No Correlation Of Florida Sea Level Rise With CO2

Climate experts constantly claim that we can slow sea level rise along the East Coast by reducing CO2 emissions in the US.

This is an interesting claim, because there is no correlation between sea level rise rates and atmospheric CO2. Apparently superstition is adequate for climate scientists and Democratic politicians.

ScreenHunter_3507 Oct. 10 08.35

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Top Science Of The Day

  • The atmosphere isn’t warming, because the trapped heat is going directly to the deep ocean
  • The snow line is moving further south, because of increased humidity
  • Antarctic sea ice is at a record high, because the interior is melting at record rates
  • A 60% increase in ice extent since 2012, is a continuation of long term decline
  • Annual Walrus migrations are due to declining sea ice
  • 18 years of no warming is much faster than experts expected only a decade ago
  • The mild winter temperatures of 2012 were the most extreme on record
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