The High Price Of Listening Too Closely To Academics

Almost everyone’s desktop or laptop computer has a derivative of the Intel x-86 architecture as its central brain.

About 25 years ago, academics declared the x-86 architecture doomed, and started development of new architectures, including RISC and VLIW.

I was on the design team of most of the RISC and VLIW projects designed to replace the x-86 architecture, including MIPS, IBM Power PC and Intel Itanium. Despite being engineering successes, all of the new architectures were doomed from the start from a marketing point of view. Because there was a huge legacy x-86 software base, and because there was never anything wrong with x-86 that couldn’t be fixed.

As a result of listening to clueless academics, companies like IBM, Intel and Motorola threw tens of billions down the drain. The founder of Compaq (Rod Canion) went from being the most successful CEO in history, to unemployed in less than two years – because he listened to academics’ BS  about microprocessors. Even Intel wasted billions of dollars trying to kill their own architecture, and then fell behind AMD for a few years. All because they listened to blowhards in academia, instead of staying focused on their core competence.

Academics occasionally provide some useful information, but their primary job is obtain funding and recognition. And that normally requires turning the BS up to volume 11.

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Getting Rid Of That Nasty 1940s Blip

ScreenHunter_3642 Oct. 12 11.51 

 Sometimes when you are saving the planet, you just have to knock 2.1° C off of the 1940 temperature.


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2012 Joe Romm Laugher : “winters just aren’t as cold as they were in the past.”

Americans Get It: Global Warming Is Poisoning Our Weather

MARCH 2, 2012

Killer tornadoes are marking the transition from a freakishly warm winter into yet another freakishly dangerous spring.

A male senior citizen from Illinois, who feels that there is solid evidence of global warming, said that the primary reason that led him to this conclusion was “winters just aren’t as cold as they were in the past.”

Americans Get It: Global Warming Is Poisoning Our Weather | ThinkProgress

Winter temperatures in Illinois have been declining for a century, with last winter second coldest on record. Five of the last seven winters in Illinois have been below average temperature.

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The 2012 tornado season was the quietest on record, until it was beaten by 2013

torngraph-big (2)

Later that year, McKibben blamed the lack of storms on global warming.

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Twitter / billmckibben: endlessly weird weather: drought …

These morons have no idea what they are talking about, and change their story every few weeks.

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Math Skills Not A Requirement To Be Texas State Climatologist


When the Texas State Climatologist  talks about a 1,000 year event, what he actually means is a 50 year event.

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More Reasons Why BOM Pretends They Don’t Know What The Temperature Was Before 1910

ScreenHunter_3633 Oct. 12 08.12ScreenHunter_3635 Oct. 12 08.14

10 Jan 1903 – The Queenslander – p107

h/t to Ivan

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Extreme Heat During NASA’s Coldest Decade Ever

Gavin says the 1890’s was the coldest decade ever on the land surfaces

Fig.A (1)

This historical record says that it was extremely hot, with animals dropping dead in the streets. Apparently those animals didn’t know how to read a thermometer correctly.

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ScreenHunter_3628 Oct. 12 07.31

18 Jul 1896 – Great Heat in Europe. NUMEROUS CASES OF SUNSTROK…

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Missing Heat Goes Missing

Experts announced this week that the missing heat has gone missing at the bottom of the sea, and it also appears the claimed record sea surface temperatures have gone missing too.


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sst_anom.gif (800×600)

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