No Correlation Of South Carolina Sea Level Vs. CO2

Like North Carolina, South Carolina has one long-term tide gauge at Charleston. Sea level there rose faster prior to 1950 (most likely mainly due to subsidence) and the rise rate shows 0.0000 correlation vs. atmospheric CO2.

In other words – CO2 has no correlation with sea level rise rates. Scientists who claim otherwise are either dishonest, incompetent, or both.

ScreenHunter_3193 Sep. 30 05.54

ScreenHunter_3196 Sep. 30 06.17

Data and Station Information for CHARLESTON I

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Fraudsters, Not Scientists

One of the big climate fraud efforts is from the fear mongers in North Carolina blaming sea level rise on CO2.

The data provides no support for that theory. There is only one long-term tide gauge in North Carolina, and it shows a steady rate of sea level rise of 2mm/year for 80 years, most likely due to subsidence. There has been no acceleration as CO2 increased.

ScreenHunter_3190 Sep. 29 23.31 Data and Station Information for WILMINGTON

 If we compare the slope of the sea level line vs. atmospheric CO2, there is 0.00 correlation – i.e. rising CO2 has no impact on North Carolina sea level rise rates.

ScreenHunter_3192 Sep. 29 23.37

But facts don’t affect alarmists. They are constantly pressing the North Carolina government with their fraudulent agenda – despite zero scientific backing.

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Climate Disaster In Denver

One of my kids’ car got trashed by a hailstorm in Denver this afternoon

ScreenHunter_3186 Sep. 29 20.44ScreenHunter_3185 Sep. 29 20.44 | Denver | Colorado’s online news leader | Breaking

This is due to climate change, because they never have hailstorms in Colorado

On July 11, 1990, a severe thunderstorm developed near Estes Park and traveled southeast, dropping golf ball to baseball sized hail, in a swath that was at times, 5 to 10 miles wide.

Losses totaled over $600 million, at the time, making it the costliest hailstorm in state history

Historic Denver Hailstorm Was Called Worst In American History « CBS Denver

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Kook And Nutter Math

ScreenHunter_3183 Sep. 29 19.56

How does Arctic sea ice loss compare to Antarctic sea ice gain?

Arctic sea ice loss is three times greater than Antarctic sea ice gain.

Climate Myth…

Arctic sea ice loss is matched by Antarctic sea ice gain
In fact, the global sea-ice record shows virtually no change throughout the past 30 years, because the quite rapid loss of Arctic sea ice since the satellites were watching has been matched by a near-equally rapid gain of Antarctic sea ice. Indeed, when the summer extent of Arctic sea ice reached its lowest point in the 30-year record in mid-September 2007, just three weeks later the Antarctic sea extent reached a 30-year record high. The record low was widely reported; the corresponding record high was almost entirely unreported. (Chris Monckton)

How does Arctic sea ice loss compare to Antarctic sea ice gain?

Kook and Nutter solve the equation :

-3x + 1x = a positive number

The amount of sea on Earth is above the post 1979 mean, meaning that Antarctic gain is greater than Arctic loss (512×412)

I’m skeptical that their combined IQ matches that of a turnip.

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You Can Stop Ten Feet Of Sea Level Rise By Buying Organic Eggs

Meanwhile, researchers from NASA and UC Irvine studying the ASE ice sheet report a “continuous and rapid retreat” of glaciers there and think that there is “no [major] obstacle that would prevent the glaciers from further retreat.” They worry that within a millennium and perhaps as soon as two centuries, the ASE could melt out entirely—leading to between four and 10 feet of sea level rise around the world—if moderate warming models prove to be correct.

Of course, we can all play a role in preventing such scenarios by reducing our carbon footprints. Take fewer airplane trips. Buy organic food. Walk, bike or take public transit to work. If you must drive, get a hybrid or electric car. Wear a sweater instead of turning up the heat. And urge legislators to push new laws that limit greenhouse gas emissions by industry, utilities and other big polluters. It may be now or never.

How quickly is Antarctica melting?

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What If The Missing Heat Returned To The Surface?

Climate experts claim that there is missing heat, hiding in 3ºC water at the bottom of the sea.

If that frigid water every turned over and came to the surface, temperatures at the surface would become extremely cold.

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Why Is This Scam Continuing?

CO2 has risen 10%, but temperatures have remained flat.

ScreenHunter_3179 Sep. 29 08.55


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