Readers Determine That Cooling Systems In Automobiles Are Not Needed

Some readers have determined that insulators can not increase the temperature of an object. So I guess they can wrap their automobile engine in thick fiberglass insulation, and expect that nothing bad will happen.

Fascinating science.

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The Comedy Continues

If you put your thumb over the end of the hose, the pressure at all points behind your thumb increases. Yet the water continues to flow the same direction. How can that possibly be?


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Enjoying The Greenhouse Effect In The Yucatan

I am being bombarded with longwave radiation emitted by high concentrations of greenhouse gas H2O, and it feels great. Much better than the cold, dry air of Maryland last night.

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A Slightly More Formal Proof (For Dummies)

Here are the rules :

  1. Heat flows from warmer objects to cooler objects
  2. Heat can not flow from a cooler object to a warmer object

Therefore, if the temperature of the cooler object increases – the only way to maintain the condition of rule 1 is for the temperature of  warmer object to also increase.

People are making the mistake of not understanding the difference between heat and temperature. The diffusive heat flow between a 30 degree location and a 20 degree location is the same as the diffusive heat flow between a 70 degree location and a 60 degree location.

BTW – I used to model heat flow for a living. Feel free to make a fool of yourself though.

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Insulators Have To Increase The Temperature At The Source

If an object is emitting heat, placing an insulator around it necessarily has to increase the temperature of the source. In order to dissipate heat as the edge of the insulator warms, the heat source also has to warm.

Heat flow is driven by differences in temperature. The insulator does not change the direction of the heat flow, but it does increase the temperature.

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Shock News : Cooler Objects Can Raise The Temperature Of Warmer Objects

It is called an insulator.

You are cold – you put a jacket on – you get warmer. Everyone knows this.

You get hypothermia, your core temperature drops to 97 degrees. You put on a space blanket, your core temperature increases to 98.6 degrees.

There is a principle that heat always flows from warmer objects to cooler objects, which is sometimes abused by skeptics in a mindless attempt to debunk a theory which is inconvenient for them to believe. A cooler object most certainly can increase the temperature of a warmer heat source.

Scientists need to understand the difference between temperature and heat.

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Another Massive Fail By James Hansen

In 1986, Hansen predicted a large increase in hot days in Washington DC

Last month, a Government scientist predicted that the number of days here on which the maximum tempertaure exceeds 100 degrees might just climb from one day a year, on average, to 12 days a year by the year 2050, and that the number of nights in which the temperature does not fall below 80 degrees might leap from one a year to 19.

The scientist, Dr. James E. Hansen, a climatologist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, describing a study of the global phenomenon of ”the greenhouse effect,” told a Senate subcommittee that such temperature changes ”may significantly affect the climactic environment for the general population.”


The exact opposite has happened. The have only been three days over 100 degrees this century.

ScreenHunter_4767 Nov. 21 08.19

ScreenHunter_4768 Nov. 21 08.27

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