Serreze Arctic Scam Set To End Soon

Alarmists are in huge trouble in the Arctic.

Cold water in the North Atlantic is causing a large increase in ice in the Barents and Greenland Seas, and cold water in the Bering Sea will later cause a large increase in the other direction too.

sst_anom_new (4)

I suspect that even the “breathtakingly ignorant”  Mark Serreze knows where this is headed.

N_stddev_timeseries (5)

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He Is So Open Minded That He Refuses To Consider Other Points Of View

ScreenHunter_4207 Oct. 30 07.25 Steve Goddard on Twitter.”

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Global Warming And Marathons

Two years ago, climate geniuses told us that marathons are doomed by global warming.

ScreenHunter_4205 Oct. 30 01.31

Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times? – Yahoo News

This weekend will be one of the coldest New York Marathons, with forecast highs in the 40’s. But on November 2, 1950 – temperatures in New York State approached 90 degrees.

All due to your SUV.

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Shock News : Swiss Glaciers Were Disappearing Before The SUV Was Invented

ScreenHunter_4204 Oct. 30 00.41 29 Dec 1900 – The Swiss Glaciers Decreasing.

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Heidi Defines Climate!

Heidi can now determine the climate from one day at one location.

ScreenHunter_4201 Oct. 29 23.47

Maximum temperatures in Australia this month have been just about average.

ScreenHunter_4200 Oct. 29 23.46

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This Is Officially A Chemtrails/Haarp Free Zone

Don’t bring that nonsense here. It is every bit as stupid as the CO2 nonsense.

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President Obama Takes His Climate Fraud To Ridiculous New Levels

“You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts”

- Barack Obama 2012

The President of the United States says that wildfires are becoming more frequent.

ScreenHunter_4198 Oct. 29 16.19

US wildfires are at a 30 year low, and have been declining for Obama’s entire political career.

ScreenHunter_4197 Oct. 29 16.18National Interagency Fire Center
National Interagency Fire Center

There were four times as many fires in 1938 as 2014.

Obama has neither opinion nor facts. He just makes shit up.

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