Smoking Gun Of Massive Climate Fraud At NCDC And The EPA

The EPA has this graph on their website, based on the NCDC Climate Extremes Index

ScreenHunter_3924 Oct. 22 07.21

High and Low Temperatures | Climate Change | US EPA

It shows that the area of the US with hot daily summer temperatures is at record levels.

The graph is completely fraudulent. In fact it is inverted. Prior to 1960, the area of the US which reached 100 degrees during summer was quite a bit higher, and in 1936 seventy-five percent of stations reached 100 degrees. The percentage of the US reaching 100 degrees every year is much lower now, with 2014 close to a record low.

The EPA graph shows 2012 as the hottest, when in fact it wasn’t even in the top ten. They show 1936 at 50%, when in fact it was 75%.

ScreenHunter_3923 Oct. 22 07.20

Next is the minimum temperature graph – again in sharp disagreement with the EPA graph.

ScreenHunter_3931 Oct. 22 10.36

This metric is not affected by TOBS or homogenization. Apparently the good people at NCDC are simply fabricating numbers, because I used their thermometer data in this analysis.

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Hot Weather in The Midwest Is A Thing Of The Past

In the 19th century, about 30% of stations in the Midwest would reach 100 degrees every year. Now that figure is less than 10%. In 1936, almost every station in the Midwest reached 100 degrees.

ScreenHunter_3922 Oct. 22 07.12

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Arctic To Be Ice-Free Very Soon

Unless we take immediate action and move back into caves, the Arctic will be ice-free in the blink of an eye.

ScreenHunter_3921 Oct. 22 05.21

You can catch Prof McPherson at an event co-organised by AUT’s School of Social Sciences and Public Policy and the Pacific Media Centre in Auckland on October 22 at 5.30pm.

Tonight on the Paul Henry Show, he explains that due to the arrogance of humans, the damage done is too far along and now irreversible.

Now, the only way to help planet Earth is to “terminate industrial civilisation“.

Climate change now ‘irreversible’ Prof McPherson | TVShows | 3 News

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Good Observations From Peter Thiel

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, often considered one of the most influential people in Silicon Valley, said Tuesday that he is skeptical of man-made global warming because many refuse to allow debate the subject.

“Whenever you can’t have a debate, I often think that’s evidence that there’s a problem,” Thiel said on The Glenn Beck Program. “When people use the word ‘science,’ it’s often a tell, like in poker, that you’re bluffing. It’s like we have ‘social science’ and we have ‘political science,’ [but] we don’t call it ‘physical science’ or ‘chemical science.’ We just call them physics and chemistry because we know they’re right.”

PayPal Co-Founder Is Skeptical of Man-Made Global Warming for This Reason | Video |

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More News From The Religion Of Peace

ScreenHunter_3917 Oct. 21 22.51 Yazidi woman begged West to bomb brothel after ISIS sold her into sex slavery | Daily Mail Online


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Latest News From The Religion Of Peace

A loving Islamic father stoned his daughter to death.

ScreenHunter_3916 Oct. 21 22.42

ISIS releases video clip showing Syrian woman being stoned to death | Daily Mail Online

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Garbage In – Garbage Out

Carl Mears

It has been suggested that the lack of a tropospheric hotspot (if there is such a lack) is mostly due to errors in the surface temperature datasets, which are (in this story line) suspected of being biased in the direction of too much warming. This seems unlikely. Clearly, the above spread in results for different upper air datasets reveals considerable structural uncertainty (Thorne et al, 2005) for the upper air data, and the error bar on the RSS trend values is much larger than the error bar for the HadCRUT4 value. Also, the various surface datasets are much more similar to each other. To show this, I redo the analysis in Figure 1 using a different surface dataset constructed by NOAA (GHCN-ERSST). The final trend ratios are almost identical to those found using HADCRUT4, and the conclusions reached are unchanged.

The (missing) tropical hot spot « Climate Dialogue

Carl is a smart guy, but he let his preconceived notions turn logic on its ear.

The surface data sets are crap, and they change constantly. The past doesn’t look anything like it did 40 years ago. And the current data sets all use the same tortured data – so of course they look the same.

Garbage in – garbage out.

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