King George III – October 27, 1775

October 27, 1775

King George III speaks before both houses of the British Parliament to discuss growing concern about the rebellion in America, which he viewed as a traitorous action against himself and Great Britain. He began his speech by reading a “Proclamation of Rebellion” and urged Parliament to move quickly to end the revolt and bring order to the colonies.

The king spoke of his belief that “many of these unhappy people may still retain their loyalty, and may be too wise not to see the fatal consequence of this usurpation, and wish to resist it, yet the torrent of violence has been strong enough to compel their acquiescence, till a sufficient force shall appear to support them.” With these words, the king gave Parliament his consent to dispatch troops to use against his own subjects, a notion that his colonists believed impossible.

King George III speaks to Parliament of American rebellion

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1896 Tornado Wrecked 8,500 Buildings In St. Louis

A tornado which hit St. Louis in 1896, killed 138 people and wrecked 8,500 buildings. CO2 was below 300 PPM at the time.

ScreenHunter_295 Apr. 18 21.10ScreenHunter_294 Apr. 18 21.09

THE ST. LOUIS TORNADO. – View Article –

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Before CO2 Wrecked The Climate, A 1925 Tornado Killed 900 People In Three States

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AIRPLANE OBSERVER MAPS TORNADO’S WOE – Sails Over Flattened Towns Where the Silent Living Search for Their Dead

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1930 Shock News : Alpine Glaciers In Full Retreat

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A NEW CHAPTER WRITTEN BY THE GLACIER – The Retreat of the Ice Rivers in the Alps 

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Understanding First Amendment Zones

The Obama strategy is to name everything the exact opposite of what it actually is. When he uses the word “affordable” he means very expensive.  When he talks about de-politicizing science, he means making it 100% political. Most open and transparent White House means most opaque.

First Amendment zones means denying people their First Amendment rights. Had he lived in the south in the 1960s and used the same strategy, he would have called the back of the bus a “civil rights zone

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Springtime Finally Arrives In Wisconsin


The Great Lakes Are Still Almost Half Frozen, And It Could Affect The Environment For Years

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Harry Reid Unveils His Dream For America

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