Phil Plait Lying About Ice Today

ScreenHunter_211 Feb. 20 08.43

Global warming: Old Arctic ice is melting away.

NSIDC shows that there is three times as much 4/5 year old ice as there was in mid-2011. As usual, Plait is spreading complete BS.

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7 Responses to Phil Plait Lying About Ice Today

  1. Bud Kopp says:

    That’s it. No factual refutation!!

  2. Greg says: The National Sea Ice and Data Center does not seem to agree with Mr. Plait.

  3. Rick says:

    Global Warming/Climate Change/{next pseudonym?} has displayed a combination of poor science, faulty predictions, and outright deception that makes the Compulsive Liar look frank and honest.

    • Jefferson McIrish says:

      Changing the name of the hoax to “climate change” was a stroke of genius by the people running this scam. Who can deny there is climate change? The climate has been changing since the Earth cooled! HUGE changes occurred for untold millions of years before man appeared on the Earth, and will continue to occur for millions or billions of years after we leave the scene. To suggest there is ANY way to prove mankind is responsible for the relatively minor temperature changes observed over the extremely short period of time for which we have data is moronic at best and more likely outright deception for purposes of accessing large amounts of government money!

  4. Preston Z says:

    I wish I invented Global Warming. Create a false problem, sell the need to fix it, sell the solution. Brilliant. Great site by the way.

  5. Bill Vancouver says:

    Plait says Arctic temperatures are rising. What is the temp up there doing? Have we ever seen a history of local North Pole temps? I do know since the NP is underwater and not a continent as is the SP it is subject to sea water temps…..let’s see some temp records to bolster the argument. One thing for certain is the Mother Nature will be sure to let us know we’re cooling or warming over the next decade…..time will tell who is right and not who has the best computer program and PR system.

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