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If Barack Obama Had A Son …..

After the Trayvon Martin shooting, President Obama told us that his opinion about the case was based on the color of his skin. In March of 2012, Obama would step in it again. Before all the facts were known, the president injected race … Continue reading

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Deja Vu

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Progressive Spokesman Explains Their Strategy

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1916 : Crack Scientists Determined That Martians Built 1,000 Mile Canals In Just Six Weeks

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Evil Climate Denier Uses 42% Less Energy Than His Efficient Neighbors

I make up for my low electricity usage by doing all of my local transport on a bicycle, which increases my CO2 respiration.

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The Government Understands That Before You Can Exterminate A Population, First You Have To Take Their Guns And Ammo Away

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Correlating A Rising Dow Jones Industrial Average, With A Bright Future

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One Hundred Years Ago Today ……

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Please Help : Blowtorch Needed To Assist Arctic Voyagers

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I’d Love To, But As Usual You Are Lying

I just got this E-mail from the White House. Just the usual complete bullshit from Barack Obama.

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