Who Is Steven Goddard?

My name is Tony Heller. I am a whistle blower. I am an independent thinker who is considered a heretic by the orthodoxy on both sides of the climate debate.

I live in Columbia, Maryland – an amazing city where I can ride my bicycle everywhere through the forest, and never need to get in a car.

I am a lifelong environmentalist. I testified at my first Congressional subcommittee hearing at age 15 in Kanab, Utah, in support of  a wilderness area – very close to the one which President Obama recently set aside. I worked to get the Clean Air Act passed. I worked as a volunteer wilderness ranger for two summers in the Cibola and Santa Fe National Forests in New Mexico. I worked on the Safety Analysis Report for DOE’s nuclear waste disposal site in New Mexico. I probably have the smallest electricity bill in Columbia, Maryland because I am very careful not to waste. I have never turned on my heat or air conditioning.

I have degrees in Geology and Electrical Engineering, and worked on the design team of many of the world’s most complex designs, including some which likely power your PC or Mac. I have worked as a contract software developer on climate and weather models for the US government.

I do not receive any funding other than small donations on my blog, which have worked out well below minimum wage. I have tried to obtain funding, but skeptics with money are terrified of political attacks directed by the White House and/or being targeted by the IRS. They openly state this to me.

My position on global warming:

The claims of 97% consensus are a massive lie. Only 52% of American Meteorological Society members believe that man is the primary contributor to global warming.

The radiative transfer models used by government climate scientists show that going up to 550 PPM or even 1000 PPM CO2 will make minimal difference to the radiative balance of the atmosphere. The knee of the CO2 curve is at about 30 PPM, and additional CO2 has little first order effect. This is because almost all radiation in the CO2 absorption spectra is already being absorbed by H2O or CO2 molecules. Adding more CO2 has minimal effect, because there is not much radiation left to be absorbed. (This is a bit of an oversimplification because of second order effects, but those are also small.) There is no indication from the radiative transfer models used by government scientists that additional CO2 will cause large amounts of heating.

The temperature record of both the US and the world has been massively altered since older versions, almost invariably to create the appearance of more warming, and in some cases to create warming where there is none.

Sea level has been rising for 20,000 years, and is now 400 feet higher than it was when the first humans walked to North America from Asia across the Bering Strait. Most of the apparent sea level rise on the US East Coast is due to the land sinking, not sea level rising. There has been little or no sea level rise on the West Coast.

The weather is not getting more severe. Since President Obama took office, there have been three US hurricane strikes – the fewest of any presidency. While Grover Cleveland was president in the 1880’s, the US was hit by twenty-six hurricanes. The US is currently experiencing its longest period since the 1860’s without a major (category 3-5) hurricane strike. The last one was Wilma in 2005.

Florida is currently experiencing the longest period on record without a hurricane strike. The US tornado count over the past two years has been the lowest in the modern record.

America’s worst forest fires occurred in 1871, when thousands of people burned to death in horrific firestorms around the Great Lakes – on the same day that Chicago burned to the ground.

Is climate change real?

Climate is cyclical and is always changing. People always imagine that they live in the worst of times, as this 1871 article from the Brisbane Courier states.

BkV2czHCQAEkDE0 (1)

10 Jan 1871 – IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. (Pall Mall Gazette.)

If you want to learn more about climate history, I have assembled a large collection of old newspaper articles about the weather below 350 PPM CO2. If you read through this, you will understand that lowering CO2 will not make the weather any better, or worse.

I am more than happy to debate anyone who feels up to the challenge, including the President of The United States. Science works through research and debate – not censorship, propaganda, faith, or intimidation.

37 Responses to Who Is Steven Goddard?

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Bravo Tony.

  2. darrylb says:

    There might be more of us than you realize- My background is in physics, math, chem and after having only a cursory idea of what was happening I actually was challenged (by my daughter) to prove it. I am from southern MN and there is not as much ideology here, but a few college profs who counter me in the newspaper.
    Best Wishes—If you were ever traveling through southern Mn and wanted an all inclusive place to stay, leave a note on real science and I would contact you.

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    $50 dollars to keep you going from an old retired physicist, SW contractor and project manager.

  4. WindStrider says:

    Love you man.
    You’ll be remembered as a man who stod up for the truth, Mann will be remembered as the little fat guy that earned a lot of money on lies.

  5. jpattitude says:

    Being right has never guaranteed a good income but there are psychological benefits. Imagine what it’s like to be Mann or Hansen and wake up every morning facing another day of propping up fraudulent science. Blech.

  6. Kalianni says:

    An excellent fiction book on this subject is “State of Fear” by Michael Crighton. The writing is fiction, however he has many old graphs and data and where to find them in the book and the appendix. Including some that were taken down after this book was published.

  7. talldave2 says:

    I’m going to keep calling you Steve :)

  8. David Griffith says:

    Regarding hurricane strikes, you seem to have left out Hurricane Ike in 2008. Still thanks for the hard work.

  9. David Griffith says:

    True, but it did occur more recently than Wilma listed as the last strike at the end of the paragraph and it confused me as to when this post was made

    • Everyone believes that humans influence the climate. Please take your mindless straw man somewhere else.

      • James Lemery says:

        “I am more than happy to debate anyone who feels up to the challenge… ” Your words Mr. Goodard. What’s the matter, not up to the challenge after all?

        • I have no idea what you are referring to. But feel free to rant.

        • Florida Jim says:

          In defense of Mr. Goddard, it takes significant money to participate in a proper debate, or trial, of this magnitude, including travel money, hotel, etc. You can be sure the physicist would show up with expensive fancy 3D animations and maybe even multimillionaire Al Gore to create a media circus. The prize offerer knows this and that the dogs of dogma will attack any scientist who shows up in support of Mr. Goddard. Lonely go the brave.

      • Sheikh says:

        Here are your words from above: “I am more than happy to debate anyone who feels up to the challenge, including the President of The United States. Science works through research and debate – not censorship, propaganda, faith, or intimidation.”

        I am new to your site, and you had me keenly interested until I read: “Please take your mindless straw man somewhere else.”

        Somewhere else is where I am headed.

        • jpattitude says:

          Labeling something a straw man argument is perfectly fair. If you feel it was NOT a straw man, then explain. That’s how debate works. Perhaps you might start by looking up what a straw man argument is.

        • Aphan says:

          Steven Goddard/Tony Heller understands that humans influence the climate. He’s never stated otherwise. Only a moron who doesn’t know what Steven/Tony thinks on the subject would even suggest that he engage in a debate attempting to prove something he doesn’t believe?

          I’m glad you headed elsewhere as clearly you are not capable of gathering information before you rush to judgements or following even a short exchange and representing it accurately.

  10. Jerry Gorline says:

    You are the Real Life Hero, good call on the zombie stations. The increased Tmin trend in the USHCN is most likely the result of contamination from urbanization, land-use changes that disrupt the normal decoupling of the nocturnal boundary layer, changes that prevent the formation of a shallow layer of cooler air near the surface, resulting in warmer surface Tmin, not the GHG fingerprint asserted by SkS. All the Best, JerryG

  11. hazze says:

    Thete are sane people out there with the same ideas as you put up…but..you do it without surplus shit..its clean arrows..and you do it with humor…thats why your blog is the best..we cant thank you enough.

  12. JSBurch says:

    Thanks for your efforts Mr. Heller. You are shedding light on areas I thought looked suspicious too. The temperature records set in the 1930’s seemed to contradict what the GW crowd said of more recent periods as being the hottest on record. Well done.

  13. Big Daddy says:

    80 years is insignificant when it comes to measuring climate cycles. It would fall more under the catagory of weather. Climate takes place on a much larger time frame of Geologic Time. For example; The last Glacial Maximum ( LGM ) took place 20,000 years ago. Scince then, the continental Glacier wich extended from greenland south to St. louis and from the the north atlantic shore to the great pacific northwest up to Alaska. The continental Glacier melted to the extent that only about 1% of the continental glacier remains itoday in isolated,disassocited,tatters and remenants virtually unrecognizable in ice age terms.Further, This 20,000 yr warming trend is characterized by periods of rapid rates of deglaciaiton;periods of extremely slow deglaciation; and even periods of reglaciation under the much larger 20,000 year warming trend. In Geologice time 80 yrs, 100 yrs, 200 yrs is a nano-second of brevity wich can barely constitute a trend in the larger context of geologic time. Here is a movie of the modeled deglaciation of north america in the last 20,000 years. It is interesting to note that virtually 99% of the virtual deglaciation of North america takes place prior to the industrial revolution and in absence of any anthropogenic forces much larger than a camp fire.

    From an even larger perspective of geologic time ,in the 4.5 billion year history of the earth it is interesting to note that Polar Ice and Glaciers on the planet earth occupies such a small amount of time as to almost be an asteric in the history of the earth. This is to say that the absence of Polar Ice and glaciation on earth is the ” Norm ” for the exceedingly vast majority of the Earth’s 4.5 billion year history. Further, In absence of any climactic factors of hemispheric or global proportion wich would not only interrupt the warming trend of the last 20,000 years but change to a trend of significant cooling, it is predictable that the tiny amounts of fragmental glaciation in north america and indeed globally will totally disappear thereby reuniting the earths conditions to its long standing historical norm of an Earth without Polar Ice and glaciation.

    Modeled Deglaciation Of North America: Movie: http://www.physics.mun.ca/~lev/glacmov.html

    Again, 99% of the deglaciation of north america occurs prior to the industrial revolution. This is all one needs to know to dismiss the anthropogenic climate change kooks.

  14. RNAngel says:

    I have enjoyed reading your articles. Just curious… Why do you refer yourself to Steven Goddard? Your critics have seized on this.

  15. Tom Moran says:

    Thank you for what you do. I enjoyed your talk at ICCC9 in Vegas.

  16. QuebecCity Oliver says:

    Good to see that you have finally come out of the closet (so to speak).

    It gives one hope, that maybe one day you will accept the evidence.

  17. A.smith says:

    If your weather turns humid in MD for a long while, I’d suggest you break down and use some a/c or you’ll be wiping the mold off your walls. If you end up wiping mold…. Use borax.

  18. Stuart says:

    And this is a great read with lots of historical information about the quest for the Northwest Passage and the race to reach the North Pole… http://www.amazon.com/The-Arctic-Grail-Northwest-1818-1909/dp/1585741167

  19. John M says:

    Wasn’t sure where to post this to get it to you, but wanted to let you know that on CSPAN today (8/18), Dan Ashe, Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, just testified in a Senate hearing that he doesn’t think the “pause” in temperatures exists, and that temperatures have NOT Flatlined. This was under questioning from Senator Roger Wicker of Ms. The hearing was titled, “Impact of climate change on Wildlife and Agriculture”.

    I hope you get the transcripts and do a story on this and use Dan Ashes quotes.



    • The US is having one of the coldest years on record. His fish are freezing

      • John M says:

        I find it amazing that the heads of very powerful federal agencies don’t even believe the temps have “paused” or gone flat the last 15 years or so, when many of the leading alarmists have acknowledged it, including Hansen and others.

      • John M says:

        I forgot to mention earlier that Dan Ashe, after denying that temperatures are not rising presently, attempted to offer up a scientific explanation/basis for his beliefs. That’s why I hope you review the transcript and expose how ridiculous his assertions are.

  20. David says:

    Did you catch this article: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/08/19/revising-the-sunspot-number/

    Now they are changing the raw sun spot data as well because it isn’t cooperating with their political agenda.

  21. I am a meteorologist and I am a skeptic or realist. Thanks for the research and the old newspaper articles. I enjoy showing them to my alarmist friends. Keep up the good work.

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