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Fifteenth Annual Weblog Awards: The 2015 Bloggies

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My Denier Disclosure

[This will stay on top of the blog for the indefinite future]

I’m coming clean with my denier disclosure.

I have never received a penny of corporate funding for anything related to climate. Donations on the blog work out to about 2% per hour of what I would be paid doing my normal consulting work. I have left literally hundreds of thousands of dollars behind for doing this blogging.

I do this because I am a lifelong environmentalist who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked the environmental movement, and because I am scientist who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked science, and because I am a US citizen who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked the government.

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Obama Believes That All Weather Is Caused By Climate Change

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Possibly the world’s stupidest human.

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Brain Damage And Democrats

John Kerry is heading up the Iran nuclear weapons negotiations. He believes that 0.0004 mole fraction CO2 is the greatest threat mankind has ever faced.

ISIS has taken over much of the Middle East under Obama and Kerry’s watch. Democrats calling in to C-SPAN this afternoon are very angry that Netanyahu would dare question Obama’s judgement.

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“May God Bless The United States of America”

Netanyahu : “May God Bless The United States of America”

Obama’s Spiritual Mentor : “God Damn America. It Is In The Bible”

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The 97% Consensus

97% of climate models are wrong.  If it is indeed true that 97% of climate scientists trust climate models, that would indicate that 97% of climate scientists are idiots.

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Climate Analysis | Remote Sensing Systems

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Climate Alarmists Hate The Planet

Climate alarmists have hijacked and destroyed the environmental movement. But they have taken it a step further and now they say that clean air threatens the climate.

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China’s War on Air Pollution May Cause More Global Warming – Scientific American

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My NCDC Data Tampering Prediction For New York

New York state just had their coldest January/February by a wide margin, more than 2.5 degrees F colder than the prior coldest year of 1904.

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Based on the USHCN adjusted temperatures, I predict that NCDC will rank 2015 as second coldest, and create a non-existent warming trend of 2.3 degrees per century.


The total data tampering in New York since 1893 is nearly four degrees F, with the current year nearly a full degree above the measured temperature.

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One of the more impressive locations is at Ithaca, where Richard Feynman used to teach.


It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.

– Richard P. Feynman

Zeke and Mosher say this is all first rate science.

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