My Denier Disclosure

[This will stay on top of the blog for the indefinite future]

I’m coming clean with my denier disclosure.

I have never received a penny of corporate funding for anything related to climate. Donations on the blog work out to about 2% per hour of what I would be paid doing my normal consulting work. I have left literally hundreds of thousands of dollars behind for doing this blogging.

I do this because I am a lifelong environmentalist who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked the environmental movement, and because I am scientist who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked science, and because I am a US citizen who is unhappy how climate fraudsters have hijacked the government.

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Declining Spring Snow Cover

It is critically important to share some pictures of declining spring snow cover in DC this morning. Please send your money to Al Gore to put an end to it.


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All The Global Warming Nonsense That’s Unfit To Print

ScreenHunter_7762 Mar. 06 08.39 ScreenHunter_7760 Mar. 06 08.30

ScreenHunter_7758 Mar. 06 08.26ScreenHunter_7759 Mar. 06 08.28

ScreenHunter_7761 Mar. 06 08.33

ScreenHunter_7763 Mar. 06 08.40

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The Democrats War On Women

President Obama bows down to these people

ScreenHunter_7756 Mar. 06 08.17images (6)            3130467396_obama_arrogant_xlarge

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The Constitution Shredders

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton describe their own behavior as shredding the US Constitution


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BOM Lying Again

BOM claims that February was the hottest on record in Australia after 1983

ScreenHunter_7754 Mar. 06 07.50

News – Argus Media

February 1998 was much hotter in Australia and globally.


Government climate experts are employed to push the global warming agenda, not present accurate information to the public.

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Ten Degrees UHI In Pittsburgh

Temperatures in downtown Pittsburgh are 5-16 degrees warmer than outlying areas. NCDC says UHI is 0.1 degrees, because if they corrected accurately it would wreck their global warming story.

ScreenHunter_7748 Mar. 06 07.04

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Amazing Night

I took the dogs out for a long walk through the forest in 16 inches of snow. The moon was full and no wind. I’ve never been in hardwood forest on a night like this before, but it was pure magic. Just gorgeous. My phone wasn’t much use for photographing it, but this is the best I could get.


However, here are some better pictures. Open carry in Texas.

unnamed (9)

h/t Dave G

Gilligan trapped in hell by a climate change induced tropical storm.


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