The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance

The White House is engaged in a massive climate scam, which involves many billions of dollars and has infected the academic community. They are currently planning to attempt to silence whistleblowers, via intimidation and kangaroo court RICO prosecutions.

The last thing they would want would be whistleblowers like me (who would blow their scam wide open) on the witness stand, so it is safe to assume that whatever they are planning will involve gag orders and secret tribunals under the guise of “national security.” It would be the equivalent of the Bush administration prosecuting Iraq war dissenters.

As a preventative measure, I am posting this information now, and it will stay at the top of my blog. I would like to see it spread far and wide.

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Sea Level Idiocy At National Geographic

National Geographic predicts five feet of sea level rise for South Florida in the next 85 years.

ScreenHunter_10750 Oct. 10 07.23 

Had they actually done any research, they would have known that sea level in south Florida has been rising 2.33 mm/year for the past century, has not accelerated, has not shown any correspondence with atmospheric CO2, and will only rise another seven inches by the year 2100.

ScreenHunter_10752 Oct. 10 07.38

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

You simply can’t make up stupid and dishonest like climate alarmists.

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Bill Gray’s Birthday

Vice-president Al Gore destroyed climate science in 1993, by cutting off funding to any scientists who refused to go along with his scam.

Dr. Bill Gray from CSU was one of the very few who refused to compromise his integrity. Yesterday was Bill’s 86th birthday, and we had lunch in Boulder. A true American hero.

ScreenHunter_10753 Oct. 10 07.50

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National Geographic Weren’t Always MWP Deniers

National Geographic now denies the existence of the Medieval Warm Period, which they wrote extensively about in the past.

March 1892:

from perhaps the tenth to the sixteenth centuries, the glaciers of the Alps were much less extensive than at present.

At present they are in general retreating … almost as rapid as at Glacier Bay (Alaska)

ScreenHunter_10748 Oct. 10 07.05

ScreenHunter_10746 Oct. 10 07.02ScreenHunter_10747 Oct. 10 07.02

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USGS Says No Linkage Between Flooding And CO2

Fox News of course jumped all over the thousand year flood BS, like they do with everything they hear from climate alarmists.

ScreenHunter_10740 Oct. 10 06.03

USGS says there was no thousand year flood and no correlation between flooding and CO2.

USGS provisional data and preliminary analysis show NO indication that a 1000-year flood discharge occurred at any USGS streamgages

USGS research has shown no linkage between flooding (either increases or decreases) and the increase in greenhouse gases. Essentially, from USGS long-term streamgage data for sites across the country with no regulation or other changes to the watershed that could influence the streamflow, the data shows no systematic increases in flooding through time.

USGS 2015 Appalachian Floods and Hurricane Joaquin

The good news is that Janice Dean has promised to not make that same mistake again.

ScreenHunter_10744 Oct. 10 06.12ScreenHunter_10743 Oct. 10 06.10

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Alaskan Glaciers Retreated Eleven Feet Per Day From 1894 To 1907

In 1908, National Geographic reported that Alaskan glaciers retreated ten miles from 1894 to 1907. Barack Obama blames Alaskan glacier retreat on your SUV.

ScreenHunter_10732 Oct. 10 02.23

ScreenHunter_10731 Oct. 10 02.10

ScreenHunter_10733 Oct. 10 02.26

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More Smoking Guns Of Fraud At NASA

In 1923, the whole world was rapidly warming and glaciers were disappearing. It was reported that “Iceland is no longer … the land of ice


04 May 1923 – WINTERS ARE WARMER. Why the World’s Climate is C…

NASA (AKA The Ministry of Truth) does not show this warming prior to 1923.

Fig.A2 (1)

This pre-1923 warming was clearly shown in the 1975 National Academy of Sciences graph, as was the cooling after the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa – which NASA has also erased.

ScreenHunter_10729 Oct. 09 22.55

In 1976, National Geographic showed the same pre-1923 warm up, and had a discussion of the 1883 Krakatoa cooling.


They also photographically documented the retreat of glaciers before 1940.

ScreenHunter_3436 Oct. 09 23.38

ScreenHunter_3435 Oct. 09 23.38

Until a few years ago, NASA showed the 1920’s warm up in Iceland, and temperature maximum around 1940.


station (13)

But that didn’t fit the needs of the criminals in the White House, so NASA simply made the earlier warmth in Iceland disappear.



The people generating these graphs are fraudsters, not scientists. It is sad a few clueless skeptics still pretend that the NASA/NOAA temperature records are somehow legitimate.

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You Simply Aren’t Qualified To Question Eminent Scientists

In 1923, eminent scientists announced that Earth was running out of water, and that we would have to build a world-wide system of irrigation like the Martians did.



If you aren’t in academia, you simply aren’t qualified to question the clueless buffoons they call “scientists.”

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