Ice Forecast Verification

The video below shows current ice (thin red line) my June forecast (dashed line) and NSIDC’s forecast summer minimum (red horizontal line.)  Who do you think is going to be closest?

DMI shows ice extent almost unchanged over the last week.

Temperatures are forecast to be below freezing over the ice for the next two weeks


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6 Responses to Ice Forecast Verification

  1. C3 Editor says:

    Looking forward to your blog as it probably means we will have a greater flow of information and analysis from you. Good luck and I’ve placed your blog at the top of my Google Reader subscription read list!


  2. Chris1958 says:

    Just subscribing 🙂

  3. INGSOC says:

    Hi Steve! Just bookmarked your site. I look forward to adding you to my daily web crawl.

    Best of luck with the site!

  4. Ed Forbes says:

    I enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing what else you find of interest.

    Darn…one more site to look at daily

  5. BarryW says:

    JAXA looks like 2010 is staying close to the average extent change, and it’s going to come in under 2009 which means the warmists will crow that it shows the minimum extent is still going down and 2009 was the aberration. Looks like it will still be above 5 an much closer to 2009 than 2008

  6. Toby Joyce says:

    2010 bears out the fact that Arctic Sea Ice is declining and that decline is accelerating.

    That is shown by both volume and extent trends.

    Everything else is just quibbling.

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