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Viva Espana!

http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2010/08/31/sp-usopen-two.html It has been a long time since Spain was on top – but after winning Wimbledon, the World Cup, the Tour de France, and soon the US Open … http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10610414 It took decades to finally kill of Franco’s ghost.

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Arctic Shooting Match – Current Standings

Best watched in 480p resolution. Each ring represents 100,000 km² forecast error. Disclaimers : I would never shoot a cute little bear. September isn’t over yet. A lot can still happen to the ice.

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What’s Up With Tottenham?

Guardian Photo Four goals on Wednesday, but nothing on Saturday. They haven’t won a Premiership match since May 1.

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Earl and Fiona Fading Fast

Earl is down to 85 MPH Fiona is down to 45 MPH

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Daily Climate Censorship Report

Tamino gets an exemplary grade today. Lucia is wobbling though. http://rankexploits.com/musings/2010/hot-pepper-haiku-nh-ice-open-thread/comment-page-8/#comment-51695 ————————— Afternoon update. Still in the queue, with dozens of later posts published.

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Northwest Passage Anyone?

Despite one of the warmest winters and summers on record over the Canadian Archipelago, the Northwest Passage never fully opened this year. A few boats did manage to get through. http://ice-glaces.ec.gc.ca/Ice_Can/CMMBCTCA.gif Freezing temperatures are forecast from here on out http://wxmaps.org/pix/temp2.html

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Correlating US Hurricanes vs CO2

It has been widely reported that increasing CO2 produces more hurricanes. If that were true, we would expect to have seen an increase in hurricanes as CO2 has risen over the last 100 years. The graph below shows US hurricane … Continue reading

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