Earl and Fiona Fading Fast

Earl is down to 85 MPH

Fiona is down to 45 MPH

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1 Response to Earl and Fiona Fading Fast

  1. PJB says:

    Earl was kind of like a warning shot across the bow of the USS Eastcoast 😉

    Climatology says “normal” season. Meteorology says conditions were great but are cycling back to normal with the passage of the current MJO pulse.

    This is a classic scenario for model “evaluation”. Gaston is showing up off the coast of Florida in 10 days….. We can easily see that these highly precise models have trouble, at times, with the next days forecast accuracy but they can also be spot on. Almost a crapshoot.

    Now, using the same basic method to “predict” 10 years down the road? I don’t think so….

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