Global Warming Forces Alligators to Migrate Towards Canada

h/t to K~Bob

A Burr Oak man simply wanted to gather some sweet corn for the family freezer.
He didn’t expect to have to deal with an alligator rushing at him.
Jeff Adamski was in a cornfield on a recent evening when two women came running from a few rows over, screaming that they had seen an alligator.
He checked it out and sure enough, there it was.
Adamski tells the Sturgis Journal he “backed away,” and the gator “darted at me.” He then backed up faster, and the animal kept coming.
That’s when Adamski says he decided to deal with the problem, considering what an alligator could do to a child if he let it go.
The newspaper reports Adamski grabbed a 4-foot bar out of his truck and killed the alligator.
Burr Oak is about 80 miles south of Grand Rapids


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1 Response to Global Warming Forces Alligators to Migrate Towards Canada

  1. Peachy says:

    BS. It was a family pet that was released to the wild. Gators do NOT live that far north, nor are they moving in that direction. Gators actually like the warmer weather!

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