What if He Were a Different Religion?

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A well-known Australian Muslim cleric has called for the beheading of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, a newspaper said on Friday.


Any one of the rest of us would be arrested for soliciting murder. Why is this tolerated? Does the law not apply equally for all religions?


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15 Responses to What if He Were a Different Religion?

  1. Glen Shevlin says:

    In this case no everybody is not created equal, the radical Imams have programed everybody to the politically correct stance of ..nothing to see here, move along , keep moving.

    Until some politicians actually grw a spine and stop this it will continue…. but do you want to be the politician who gts his name on the next fatwa?

  2. Neven says:

    Minor point: the Australian Muslim made the threat 2 years ago.

  3. zender says:

    Do you really think that the Muslims get away with expressing their hate without a penalty. Christians have mobilized to take massive military actions to kill Muslims by the tens and hundreds of thousands like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • Sounds like the Crusades. One of the local churches has a sign up about a bake sale, but they apparently forgot to mention that genocide thing they have planned.

      • zender says:

        Hi Steve,

        Wasn’t referring to the future, but the slaughter of Muslim men, women and children that is ongoing in the ME. And though some do see these wars as the modern day crusades, these wars are not about religion but about control of the ME for its strategic position and its oil/gas resources.

      • Hi Zender,

        The vast majority of civilian deaths in Muslim countries is Muslims killing each other. There have a been very few cases of American soldiers intentionally harming civilians, but thousands and thousands of attacks on civilians by hostile Islamic groups. How many civilians did Saddam kill?

  4. LetsGoViking says:

    Re: Zender,
    Is this way so many Christians are attempting to leave the ME? Before they get killed? I am thinking mostly about the jihad against the Copts in Egypt, but it applies to places such as Somalia, Southern Thailand, Iraq. And the UN isn’t the least concerned.
    I don’t seem to remember reading about Christians killing en-mass in the ME lately.

  5. bruce ryan says:

    One has to wonder what the future holds for once proud countries such as France.
    With its declining native birth rate and growing Muslim population, France and parts of Europe will no longer be the Europe that brought us the advances in technology and culture that so permeate western culture.
    The generations of Shakespeare and Einstein will soon be designing minaret’s speakers.

  6. zender says:

    Thank you for your opinions, but remember, the subject of Geopolitics is as complicated as that of Global Climate, and if you really want to understand the ‘whys’ and’ wherefores’ of the present state of play in the Great Game, then you will need to have put in as much time into studying it as you have concerning Climate/preferred main field of interest. The deception and dis/mis-information being propagated into the public domain by TPTB concerning Geopolitical events is probably greater than that perpetrated by TPTB behind Global Warming alarmism.

    BTW, like Climate, Geopolitics is forever in a state of flux and as Winter must follow Summer, Imperial Powers will forever rise and decay to give way to the next ‘season’.
    So the wise don’t have a preference and like true scientists, they best understand the cyclic nature of things and are generally aware of the ‘changes in the air’ before the actual reality imposes itself on the ignorant.

  7. conradg says:

    What exactly does this post have to do with climate science, or science at all? Aren’t there enough right-wing political blogs out there to play the victim/bigotry games on? Must that bleed into this blog, which I value for its science, and its criticism of the politicization of science. Must this blog itself become politicized, and turned into just one more cog in the right-wing idiocracy? Doesn’t that do its contribution to the climate debates a disservice? In my view, this kind of post only degrades the value of this site as an objective voice of scientific skepticism, and even makes its most valid points appear to be part of a political movement, rather than a scientific one. A political movement I and many other climate skeptics have no interest in, and no inclination to support.

    • I appreciate your thoughts, but I was riding the tubes in London on July 21, 2005 – the day of the second bombing. Had those bombs worked, hundreds of people would have died.

      It is ridiculous to allow people openly soliciting murder to continue.

      • conradg says:

        and what on earth does that have to do with science, climate, etc.?

        And since when do Christians (like Pat Robertson, who called for the assassination of leaders he doesn’t like) get put in jail for making threats against people who live in other countries? And of course our own leaders who not only called for, but actually tortured and murdered quite a few people in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are walking around free.

        Also, there’s a big difference between calling out for someone to be murdered, and actually soliciting a person to do it. It’s a serious matter, but it’s not actually criminal.

  8. conradg says:

    Oh, I see, this is S Goddard’s own site. I had it open in a tab next to WUWT, and I thought SG was posting political diatribes over there. Okay, he can spread this kind of pointless rightwing victimology here if he likes, it will only make him easy to dismiss as a politically-motivated hack. Maybe that’s what he wants?

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