The Guardian Worries About The Dangers of Expecting The IPCC To Be Competent

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John Vidal writes in The Guardian :

If Rajendra Pachauri goes, who on Earth would want to be IPCC chair?
No future chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can ever feel safe if Dr Pachauri is driven out

He has a point. Ken Lay was thrown out of Enron for getting a few numbers mixed up in their reports. We expect that CEOs be competent and produce accurate reports, or we fire them. It isn’t too much to expect the same from Government. Or perhaps it is ………

If a chair must go every time the sceptics and the press attack, then every IPCC chairman will be mercilessly hounded on a personal and political level. Hunting the chair will become a destructive sport not unlike vilifying football managers, guaranteed to destroy continuity, undermine trust, and encourage uncontroversial science. Ousting the IPCC chairman mid-term again would be the ultimate victory for scepticism of the wildest kind.

It must be those darn hound dog sceptics who made Pachauri screw up.

2035, 2350, what difference does a few centuries make when you are trying to continue  milking the public coffers for your world class boondoggle. If you do get caught, the key thing is to dig in and blame the messenger.

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2 Responses to The Guardian Worries About The Dangers of Expecting The IPCC To Be Competent

  1. Stop Global Dumbing Now says:

    I personally don’t want him to resign or be tossed out. People are beginning to see what a clown he is, and someone new might give the IPCC new credibility.

    For the first time since the movie “Titanic” you have me rooting for the ice. I’ll pop over here every so often to check it out. Did R. Gates follow you over here too?

  2. Phil's Dad says:

    Mr Vidal seems to suggest that forcing out a bad Chairman would “encourage uncontroversial science.” I was under the impression the IPCC promulgated the view that the controversy was long since over. Try to keep up Mr Vidal.

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