X-Ray Vision

Anthony reports on WUWT that geologists are being prosecuted in Italy for failing to forecast an earthquake. It is difficult to overstate how ludicrous this is.

I can imagine that there would be many benefits to having superpowers, but geologists can not see down inside the earth any better than anyone else. State of the art for earthquake prediction is giving probabilities like “LA has a 90% chance of a devastating quake sometime during the next 100 years.”

Like climate forecasting, earthquake forecasting is severely limited by very complex, poorly understood systems. Unfortunately, some scientists on the climate side have been passing themselves off as gods who can see details far into the future, and have suckered the public into believing that scientists really do have superpowers.

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2 Responses to X-Ray Vision

  1. It is difficult to overstate how ludicrous this is.

    Yes, when you see only two words – “geologists” and “prosecuted”, no, when you read some comments which explained a lot as far as Italy is concerned.


  2. name unknown says:

    it looks to me like Pammy Anderson has implants the size of basketballs!
    I mean her mammary glands are enormous!

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