The World’s Highest Wave

Image :  from The Age

According to DMI :

The world’s highest wave

In 1933 was the steamship Ramapo on its way across the Pacific from Manila to San Diego, with a wind at 30 m / s in the back. After a week the waves reached up to 15 meters. Suddenly the ship was hit from behind, sank into a deep trough and rode with stern first up over a mountain of foam. The duty officer assessed by triangulation against the mast top wave height to 100 feet (34 meters), measured from crest to trough of the sea. This monster wave or freak wave is the highest wave ever reliably observed.

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1 Response to The World’s Highest Wave

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    The discovery channel has a program on Rogue waves that are about 100 feet high. Due to their unpredictable nature, they are hard to accurately document or photograph, hence why one being accurately documented is so rare. However, from what the program indicates, they are not that rare.

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