Will Global Warming Change The Freezing Point Of Water?

From The Daily Mail

Global warming will mean that the Arctic ice will no longer completely refreeze, allowing traffic to pass through for the first time.

That is rather far fetched. Winter temperatures in the Arctic Basin average close to minus 30ºC. Water freezes very fast at that temperature.

Temperatures in Ojmjakon, Russia averaged -46C this past January.

There has been very little change in May ice extent over the last 30 years. If current linear trends continue, it will be at least 400 years before we have an ice free Arctic in May.

Conclusion : The claim that the Arctic will not completely refreeze is nonsensical.

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3 Responses to Will Global Warming Change The Freezing Point Of Water?

  1. Ed Caryl says:

    And the linear trends will not continue. The ocean cycles are about to turn.

  2. Amino says:

    You see, if you change -30C to -29.4C from ‘global warming’, well, then the physics of water changes because of the desalinization of Arctic water from the extra snow falling which came from the extra water vapor in the air which changed the thermohaline conveyor belt, which is like the AC belt in your car breaking so your car gets hot, the world gets hot, and so water in the Arctic will only start freezing at -30C but will melt rapidly at -29.4C from the rotten thinning.

    It all makes perfect sense. I should work at the BBC.

  3. klem says:

    400 years? That’s almost tomorrow! We need a new tax today to keep the arctic frozen before we reach a tipping point and the arctic thaws out completly allowing the Russians to glide their WWII era submarines through the Northern Passage.

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