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Unnecessary Traffic Jams

I live in very nice area of Colorado with minimal numbers of people driving. Yet the city manages to create traffic jams through poor traffic management policies. When I do have to get in a car, I find myself stopping … Continue reading

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Taking Science Hostage

Grist Magazine has an article declaring that climate skeptics are “stupid” “zombies,” who hate science and want a “new Dark Ages for America.” They are confused. Science is about skepticism. Richard Feynman said that “Science is the belief in the … Continue reading

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The Ten Largest Earthquakes in US History

Anchorage, 1964

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No Let Up in Arctic Winds for At Least 10 Days

NCEP has changed their forecast again, and now shows wind producing conditions continuing in the western Arctic for most of the next two weeks. This means continued compaction of the ice, melting, and reduction of extent.

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The Point of No Return

http://bblmedia.com/sports/extreme_photorgapher_grand_canyon_jump.html Hans van de Vorst photo Scientific American asks : How Much Global Warming Is Guaranteed Even If We Stopped Building Coal-Fired Power Plants Today? …. we are rapidly approaching a point of no return, cautions climate modeler Ken Caldeira … Continue reading

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September 1938

1938: ‘Peace for our time’ – Neville Chamberlain The British Prime Minister has been hailed as bringing “peace to Europe” after signing a non-aggression pact with Germany. Meanwhile in the US …

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October 1938

October 1938 was a remarkable month. Wikipedia image The War of The Worlds was broadcast over the radio in the US. Hitler occupied the Sudetenland. Winston Churchill explained to the world that Neville Chamberlain was an idiot. Ignoring those minor … Continue reading

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Flat Light At The Pole

http://psc.apl.washington.edu/northpole/webphotos/noaa2.jpg The Sun will set for the winter at the North Pole in a little over a week. It is just barely above the horizon now, and the light is getting “flat.”

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