More Evidence Of An Arctic/Antarctic Ice Relationship

I took the UIUC polar ice area daily data since 2000, and calculated 60 day running means for the anomalies. In the graph above, the Arctic data is shifted horizontally to the right by six months (to normalise seasons) and the Antarctic data is shifted vertically upwards by 0.5 million km² to normalise the baselines.

There appears to be an (imperfect) symmetry. When Arctic ice anomalies decrease, the tendency is for Antarctic ice anomalies to increase. Particularly notable are the opposite record spikes in 2007/2008.

Instead of jumping into the standard ozone explanation, it would be nice to see some studies about what is really going on to cause this relationship.

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7 Responses to More Evidence Of An Arctic/Antarctic Ice Relationship

  1. Neven says:

    When it’s summer in the NH, it’s winter in the SH, and vice versa? Or is that too simple an explanation?

    BTW, global sea ice area anomaly is going down pretty hard at the moment. It has hardly been positive since last year.

  2. dp says:

    What do you get if you add the two data sets algebraically? In a perfect world it would be a flat line through cancellation. In the real world you should see some annual asymmetry owing to the non-circular orbit, axis tilt, and land mass differences between NH and SH, and which changes over time. Track that long enough and you’ll prove Milankovich’s cycles.

  3. Peter Ellis says:

    Why don’t you actually calculate the correlation rather than waving vaguely at the graph?

  4. Neven says:

    the UIUC polar ice area daily data since 2000

    Steve, can you do the whole dataset to see if the correlation becomes more pronounced?

  5. AndyW says:

    I see no correlation in those graphs at all.


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