The Hottest Year Ever

A few fond memories from the hottest year ever, when the earth went past the tipping point.

On February 13, 2010 the US had snow in all 48 contiguous states.

On January 8, 2010 all of England, Scotland and Wales was covered with snow.

Northern Hemisphere winter snow cover was second highest on record.

La Nina is setting in :

Last winter was hot, and it looks like this winter will be even hotter.

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7 Responses to The Hottest Year Ever

  1. Leon Brozyna says:

    OTOH — — we here in Buffalo were quite amused to see all that flailing about by folk unaccustomed to a bit of snow, while we, for a change, had a very short snow season. In fact, the shortest on record with the first measurable snowfall not happening until 1 December 2009, and the last measurable snowfall on 28 February 2010. And snowfall was below the average. My poor new snow shovel (which I’ve named “Al Gore”) hardly got the workout I expected. Guess that means that this year we’ll get slammed. Just so long as we don’t get another October Surprise!

  2. PhilJourdan says:

    I think you can add Alaska and Hawaii. I know one guy was trying to get pictures of the snow in all the states and was just waiting for an expected storm to hit northern Florida for #50.

    And where was I? See that nice warm spot along the California/Mexico border? 😉

  3. Green Sand says:

    Hi Steven, here in the UK we have just been told that things are going to get a lot colder over the next few days.

    At present the world oldest thermometer CET “Annual anomalies” is showing negative for 2010 through into Sept.

    If it stays negative, 4 months still to come, so a big if, it looks like being the first negative annual anomaly shown by HadCET for appox 14 years, I think 1996.

    Maybe worth watching for the rest of the year. Even I will admit that the CET UK could not be claimed to be “Global”, but Old Trafford obviously is!

    Mean Central England Temperature
    Annual anomalies, 1772 to 13th Sept 2010

    Met Office Hadley Centre observations datasets
    Mean Central England Temperature 2010

    Have fun

  4. Phil. says:

    So a couple of months after the second highest snow cover in the NH we had the lowest ever coverage which continued until now, July and August the only snow was in Greenland. Must have been that record heat!

  5. Ric Werme says:

    > On February 13, 2010 the US had snow in all 48 contiguous states.

    Snow on the ground was photographed in all 50 states that day, including the saddest little patch of snow ever photographed on Mauna Kea. However, it was certified by the NWS…. That snow actually fell in January.

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