Global Warming Claims Another Victim

From The Guardian

Mike Castle’s belief in the science of climate change and support for cap and trade laws saw him lose the nomination to rightwing Christine O’Donnell

While we can’t specifically blame this primary loss on global warming, we expect election losses to become more common for people who cling to expensive and useless policies.

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4 Responses to Global Warming Claims Another Victim

  1. BarryW says:

    What an absolute crock. I just moved to Delaware and haven’t been here long enough to vote, but I’ve been following the race and it had little to do with climate change or cap and trade. Castle’s mud slinging and his RINO votes are what sunk him. People are mad as hell at the insiders of both parities and Castle surely qualifies as an insider. The party leadership did him no favors by going after O’Donnell and looking like effete bullies. Even his positive adds seemed like sleazy lies about his positions. People are tired of being treated like ignorant peasants that should just do as they are told by the party overlords. They’re not afraid to lose, just afraid that someone other than one of their own might win and they’ll be out of their cushy jobs.

  2. BarryW says:

    Oh, and FYI the University of Delaware just built a wind turbine to power one of their campuses in Lewes DE about a mile from my house (200+ ft tall with 144 ft blades) and the state is in the process of building allowing an off shore wind farm, so I don’t see this area as hard core skeptical-AGW by any extent.

  3. papertiger says:

    They should be. After they spend millions of dollars on an off shore wind farm that gets eaten up by rust, they will be.

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