If A Tree Falls In The Forest and ……

Accuweather reports :

At 5 a.m. Wednesday, Hurricane Julia was upgraded to a Category 4 storm, while her brother, Hurricane Igor, maintained his Category 4 status.
In doing so, Julia also became the strongest hurricane on record so far east.
Although the storm was downgraded to a Category 3 at 5 p.m., this 12-hour period marks only the second time in recorded history that two Category 4 hurricanes were active at the same time in the Atlantic.

As Chris Landsea pointed out in his 2007 paper, it has only been fairly recently that we have been able to track hurricanes in the mid-Atlantic.

There is a lot more information available now. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate increased information from actual changes to the environment


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1 Response to If A Tree Falls In The Forest and ……

  1. Philip Finck says:

    There really has been enough papers out recently that the IPCC , if they use the same level of confidence to make other `Very likely’ statements, would clearly state that “it is Very Likely that there is no measurable increase in the frequency and magnitude of Hurricanes during the last century including the last decade……. and that this Very Likely calls into question the validity of `most models’ that project increases in magnitude and frequency”

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