This blog is just over two weeks old and we just hit our 1,000th comment.

Thanks everyone!

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18 Responses to 1,000 Comments

  1. Phil's Dad says:

    Over 100 posts a week! That’s going some.

  2. The snowiest on record since 1967. But not even that is true
    Here is the real graph of the database from http://climate.rutgers.edu/snowcover/files/moncov.nhland.txt

    => http://fisnua.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Northern-Hemisphere-Snow-Coverage-Average-October-March-1967-2010.jpg

    Your graph, Steven Goddard, is just a fake.

  3. Steven Goddard. I know what a decade is. For example 1967 – 1970 is not a decade.
    There is two possibilities:

    1) You don’t know how to produce a decend graph (so you are far away from capable to write articles on a website which calls itself “Real Science”

    2) You are willingly misinforming the people about climate change (and “Real Science” is supporting you to do so)

    Here is the real graph about your decades
    => http://fisnua.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Northern-Hemisphere-Winter-Dec-Feb-Snowcover-by-Decade.jpg

  4. No it doesn’t.

    But anyway, you have again being debunked in publishing inaccurate data to base unscientific denialism. No more to say. Case closed.

    • In other words, you pointed out a small error and can’t find anything else to complain about – so you are running away.

      • I’m not running away. I proved that all both graphs you were using to argue that the world would be cooling are false.
        What more do you need?
        All the evidence is telling us that the world is warming. We actually had the warmest decade on record (not only since 1967)!
        AGW causes more extremes in wheather and climate. That is all scientifically proven.
        And you are sitting here, presentiong us inaccurate graphs and inaccurate articles. And when debunked you’re telling us it was “a small error”. That “small error” you were using to base your unscientific denialism.

        Steven Goddard, you have been debunked several times. You are misinforming people who seemingly don’t know much about climatology and science. You are counterproductive. Counterproductive to our societies and, at the end, counterproductive to yourself.

        It’s time to learn.
        It’s time to stop spreading the untruth!

      • If you believe that the decadal graph is incorrect, you are going to have to do better job of describing your complaint. I double checked it this morning vs. the Rutgers data and see nothing wrong. It also appears to be identical to the graph you supplied.

  5. Every first grader would see a difference between the graps. Your first graph already was false.
    Your whole article was based on two false graphs.
    Do you think we are all nutters here?
    It’s not the first time you have been debunked.
    Your name is published on the Idiot Tracker yesterday again (http://theidiottracker.blogspot.com/) for the umpteenth time.

  6. So what? Winter is winter. Climate scientists were even predicting that. More extremes in climate, more extremes in wheather. But the average temperature is rising.
    See the spring northern hemisphere snow extend from Rutgers (where you got your data from) http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/2298/springsnowjpg.jpg
    What has brought me up that you can’t even produce a single decend graph in your article, but you call it “Real Science”.
    Your cherry picking “evidence” and what you make out of it is a real joke (but not a funny one).
    It seems that you are willingly misinforming the people. The question is Why?

  7. In other words, my claim that the most recent decade was the snowiest is correct.

  8. 1967-1970 45513649.5 km²
    1971-1980 45447410.97 km²
    1981-1990 40442965.4 km²
    1991-2000 44650157.27 km²
    2000-2010 45586094.4 km²

    Some record in four decades.
    Your graphs were false and an exaggeration as your whole article.
    Only little children don’t admit when they’re doing wrong.
    Mature people apologise.

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