SST Changes Over The Last Two Weeks

The blink comparator above shows how SST anomalies have changed since early September.

A few interesting things going on.

Danielle’s cold spot in the middle of the image has largely equilibrated back to normal.

The very warm water in the North Atlantic, Great Lakes and Hudson Bay has cooled dramatically, due to cold air which has settled over the region.

Temperatures from the Cape Verde Islands to Florida are pretty close to normal.

Temperatures south of Cuba, and in the Gulf of Mexico have warmed. The sudden appearance of Karl last week was probably due to this.

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1 Response to SST Changes Over The Last Two Weeks

  1. Byz says:

    This could have a big effect on Autumn temperatures in the UK as most of our Autumn weather tends to come from the Atlantic in the form of Low pressure.

    If the pressures are not so deep then the jet stream may move south and this would allow blocking patterns like last winter to form earlier.

    We might get a real white Christmas 🙂

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