US Temperatures Having Difficulty Keeping It Up

Since 1998, GISS has shown some interesting changes to the US temperature data – as seen in the blink comparator above. The present got warmer and the past got cooler.

Nevertheless, the most recent GISS graph shows that US temperatures have cooled back down to close to the mean.

Despite the post-1998 upwards adjustments, US temperatures are still a full degree cooler than the warmest years of 1930s. Perhaps another dose of Viagra is needed.

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6 Responses to US Temperatures Having Difficulty Keeping It Up

  1. Ed Caryl says:

    Now take the 1998 graph and graft on the latest data. Ice age anyone?

  2. Gator says:

    How is this not front page news? I have known of the GHCN malfeasance for some time now and cannot believe that noone in the news media finds this newsworthy. The largest scam in the history of the Earth has a still smoking gun, and noone wants a Pulitzer? This is easy picking guys.

    Still noone?

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  4. Maybe you take a look at the site where Steven Goddard has cherry-picked these graphs.
    Always check the source.

  5. Duster says:

    Here’s a bit of aluminum-hat paranoia for you. Ask yourselves, if the temperatures in the latest graph have been treated to the same “adjustments” as earlier, then what is the real magnitude of that decline? The apparently adjusted data is stated to be a full degree-C cooler. Think on that. Meanwhile, I think I’ll buy a snow shovel.

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