Ice Forming Rapidly In The Arctic

Ice concentrations are getting very high – as the open water freezes up. The blink comparator below shows changes in concentration over the last week.

Temperatures are getting cold :

09/20/1800Z    83.575°N    3.497°E   -16.2°C   1010.8mb
09/20/1700Z    83.577°N    3.494°E   -16.1°C   1011.5mb
09/20/1300Z    83.582°N    3.478°E   -15.2°C   1010.1mb
09/20/1200Z    83.584°N    3.469°E   -14.9°C   1009.6mb
09/20/1100Z    83.585°N    3.459°E   -15.7°C   1009.3mb
09/20/1000Z    83.586°N    3.447°E   -16.6°C   1009.5mb
09/20/0900Z    83.588°N    3.437°E   -17.1°C   1009.1mb
09/20/0800Z    83.589°N    3.428°E   -17.6°C   1008.8mb
09/20/0300Z    83.603°N    3.431°E   -20.1°C   1007.0mb
09/20/0200Z    83.608°N    3.432°E   -21.9°C   1007.3mb
09/20/0100Z    83.613°N    3.429°E   -19.5°C   1008.0mb
09/20/0000Z    83.618°N    3.420°E   -17.5°C   1009.2mb
09/19/2300Z    83.623°N    3.409°E   -15.0°C   1009.7mb

The sun is setting at the pole, and satellites are rapidly losing visibility. The pole hole now extends almost to 85N.

The NOAA web cam‘ is looking frozen and almost dark.

Hopefully Santa doesn’t suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD.)

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