Is Extreme Weather Really Increasing?


The Great Tri-State Tornado of 1925 was the worst tornado in history to strike America, sweeping through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, injuring 2,000 and killing 695. Although now largely forgotten, it set standards against which we still measure all others.

Short answer, no – It seems to be decreasing. The most extreme weather in the US occurred 60-120 years ago, before global climate disruption kicked in.

1889 – Pennsylvania – the deadliest flood in US history
1900 – Galveston – the deadliest Hurricane in US History
1910 – Idaho – the biggest forest fire in US history
1913 – Death Valley – The hottest temperature ever recorded in North America.
1913 – Ohio – the third worst flood in US history
1925 – Tri-State Tornado – the worst tornado in US history. Wind speeds up to 318 mph
1928 – Okeechobee – Category 5 hurricane killed 2,500 people
1930s – Dust Bowl – Hottest year and worst drought in US history
1935 – Florida – Strongest hurricane to ever hit the US
1937 – Mississippi Valley – the second worst flood in US history
1938 – New England Hurricane
1940s – Worst decade for hurricanes in the US

The anti-engineering climochondriacs weren’t alive when all this was going on. They live inside their own imagination.

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8 Responses to Is Extreme Weather Really Increasing?

  1. Ed Caryl says:

    Calamitologists, Steven.

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  3. Joseph A Olson, PE says:

    When fear cannot be driven by facts, then it MUST be driven by hyperbole, which is about all that the Main Stream Media has mastered. If they can’t ‘scare’ people into watching or reading their propoganda then they lose market and advertising dollars. LIES have become a marketing tool which is ruthless applied to EVERY scenario. The government and academia have joined this distortion camp. True science will first free itself, and then humanity from these evil liars.

  4. ANNE says:

    This information has been copied from an 1891 “ Cyclopedia of Ready Reference”, titled “The Little Giant”. The publisher was M.S. Barnett of St. Louis and was complied by K.L.Armstrong.

    Excessive Heat In The Past

    In 1303 and 1304 the Rhine, Loire and Seine ran dry. The heat in many French provinces during the summer of 1705 was equal to that of a glass furnace. Meat could be cooked by merely exposing it to the Sun. Not a soul dare venture out between noon and 4 P.M. In 1718 many shops had to close. The theaters never opened their doors for three months. Not a drop of water fell during six months. In 1773 the thermometer rose to 118 degrees. In 1778 the heat of Bologna was so great that a great number of people were stifled. There was not sufficient air for the breath, and the heat again became intolerable. Vegetables were burned up, and fruit dried on the trees. The furniture and woodwork in dwelling-houses cracked and split up; meat went bad in an hour.

    Severest Cold on Record

    1234 Mediterranean frozen; traffic with carts.
    1420 Bosphorus frozen.
    1468 Wine at Antwerp sold in blocks.
    1658 Swedish artillery crossed the Sound
    1766 Snow knee-deep at Naples.
    1789 Farenheit thermometer marked 23 degrees below zero at Frankfort, and 36 degrees below at Basle.
    1809 Moscow, 48 degrees below zero, greatest cold recorded there; mercury frozen.
    1829 Jakoutsk, Siberia 73 degrees below zero on the 25th of January.
    1846 December marked 25 degrees below zero at Pontartier; lowest ever marked in France.
    1864 January, Fahrenheit stood at Zero in Turin; greatest cold recorded in Italy.

    The thermometer was not invented until 1633. When the media state it is the warmest or coldest in history, that history is only 300 years of not reliably accurate readings. The ice age ended approximately 11,500 years ago.


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  6. hello! says:

    Well maybe someone could find ‘facts’ that say in ONE year all these things happened, record breaking floods, tornados,droughts,fires,earthquaks and economy collapse. worldwide. I live in NZ we have watched all this in Australia and we watch it worldwide, including our own quakes in NZ and Japan, and you tell me this happens throughout history every year/
    Yeah right. Wake up and smell the coffee…and it AIN’T over yet.

    • m duchanoy says:

      An historc year for massive devistation caused by many different events was 1927 although i dont think there were alot of quakes, mostly just floods tornados, drought, fieres etc. etc. Check the link on this page (1927 worst year in history). Does anyone really think we have any way of knowing with real accuracy what transpired with our weather prior to roughly 250 years ago, We had very very limited recording capability, we also had very sparce populations to witness events, and if an event did create an alarmingly high death toll, and it occured outside our country, it may not have even been reported here. Mass media informs, but without enough research they misinform

      • m duchanoy says:

        Also a small Post script to the previous comment. The econimic collapse worldwide is alarming, and is extremely forbodeing. and although these events in combination seem (and may be)apocalyptic. our econimic state is a direct result of government greed, corporate greed, individual greed, double talk, lies and people in power completely using power and position for self gain (karma is a bitch)

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