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Save The Arctic!

Every day, more and more of the Arctic is disappearing from view. This has been going on for over a week. The hole has already gained five degrees of latitude, which means (using the standard climate science linear extrapolation) the … Continue reading

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What If They Blamed Electricity?

http://www.mywindpowersystem.com/ Just counting in the US … 1889 – Pennsylvania – the deadliest flood in US history 1900 – Galveston – the deadliest Hurricane in US History 1910 – Idaho – the biggest forest fire in US history 1913 – … Continue reading

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Romm Forecasts 4C Warming From 2000-2080

http://theenergycollective.com/josephromm/43850/two-more-independent-studies-back-hockey-stick-recent-global-warming-unprecedented- The rate of human-driven warming in the last century has exceeded the rate of the underlying natural trend by more than a factor of 10, possibly much more.  And warming this century on our current path of unrestricted greenhouse … Continue reading

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