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The (Second) Hottest February Ever

Correction : reader John Finn has pointed out that GISS recorded February as the second hottest February ever, not the hottest. ————————————————————————————————— February, 2010 was a very cold month across the US, much of Europe and most of Russia and … Continue reading

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It’s Deja Vu – All Over Again

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Deviation Between NSIDC and DMI

NSIDC measures 15% concentration ice. DMI measures 30% concentration ice. NSIDC always reports more ice, because they measure it at a lower threshold. The graph above normalises the two by visually lining up 2007 – NSIDC dashed and DMI red. … Continue reading

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Another Global Warming Fable Bites The Dust

NCAR graph from 1975 showing rapid cooling after WWII. Our friends didn’t like the fact that temperatures cooled dramatically when they were supposed to be rising (due to the carbon sins of mankind.) So they found a way to blame … Continue reading

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Last Winter Was The Snowiest On Record In North America

http://climate.rutgers.edu/snowcover/images/namgnld_season1.gif The long term trend is also upwards. Note the two peaks in the late 1970s and at present.

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Collapsing Ice Sheet?

Some people imagine Antarctica to be like this : They visualize that either through man caused global warming, or man caused global cooling, the ice sheet is going to slide down a steep slope into the ocean and flood the … Continue reading

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John Holdren’s Ice Age – 1971

A different form of global climate disruption – he was warning us of a human induced ice age.

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