A Tribute To The “Hottest Year Ever”

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17 Responses to A Tribute To The “Hottest Year Ever”

  1. Shug Niggurath says:

    But these are all ‘local events’, on a global scale it was ‘the hottest year on record’. No matter that you’ve shown cold events all over the globe, none of those can count in any way because the overwhelming consensus is that the End is Nigh.

    • IheartAGW says:

      “The flurry of exceptional weather disasters in recent years is completely consistent with scenarios about an aspect of climate change, the head of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said on Tuesday.”

      “At the same time, (what) we are seeing, with more and more of these extreme events, is completely consistent with what we would expect to see under a climate-changed world,” Lubchenco said in response to a question at a press conference during her European visit.”

      This was stated by Jane Lubchenco related to recent flooding in Pakistan and Russian forest fires.

      Your side is consistent to cite natural occurrences that can be cast to look like effects of AGW, but then wave off record cold incidences that cannot possibly be reconciled to AGW. This is why you call it climate “change” or climate “disruption” and no longer call it global warming. It is because the anthropogenic portion of global warming has now been shown to be essentially nil in comparison to natural global warming.

      Of course it was a hot year. We just went through an El Nino. It is clear that global temps have been on the decline for the past ten years, in spite of increased CO2 emissions.

      The question is: How much does man-caused CO2 contribute to natural GW? Even by highly inflated models used by the U.N. IPCC in its AR’s the answer is – trivial. And when empirical data is used, the answer is – indiscernible.

    • Vangel says:

      But this is not a true statement. Much of the data showing record heat comes from sites that have no thermometers such as the Arctic and high altitude areas. The readings for these areas are imputed by averaging data from other stations, some as far as 1,200 km away. It is also very easy to create warming where you do have stations. All you need do is locate the sensors near artificial sources of heat like buildings, asphalt, A/C unit exhaust, etc. The problem for us is that we live in the real world, not one modeled by GISS.

      • Derecho64 says:

        Too bad Vangel has bought into the myths that data is made up or worthless. Perhaps he can explain how satellite observations very closely track analyses of surface data. Are satellites subject to asphalt, A/C, and so on? I’d like to see his evidence that they are.

        I realize that Wattsian mantras are held as truth here, but the reality doesn’t support his dogma.

  2. Mike says:

    Yep. Strange how no one can point out where it’s been the hottest year ever, but just ask you to accept it on faith because some activist group says so, but actual empirical evidence of the coldest year for centuries is dismissed as “local events”


    • Vangel says:

      But we can point to where it has been very hot. Just look at the Arctic where the GISS maps show massive warming. Of course, GISS has no thermometers in these areas and calculates temperatures by averaging readings from other locations further south but that inconvenient fact need not be brought up here.

  3. Gator says:

    Your observations are obviously wrong. NOAA said it was hot. End of argument. Moving on to consensus.

  4. Ghost thermometers in the arctic measure temperature with scary imprecision….

    Without those spirits scaring us, it is unlikely to be “the hotterest yarrr evah” at all…

  5. Ross says:

    If you want to know something, listen to NOAA, then believe the opposite.
    That way you will always be correct!

  6. James Macdonald says:

    This summer was only the 4th warmest smer. 1936 was the warmest, followed by 1934 and 2006. Meanwhile, parts of the southern hemisphere are having a record cold winter. Last summer and winter were cold here, this summer warm. None of this proves anything about the climate. They are just vagaries of the weather. Some years El-Nino, other years La-Nina. Add in the30 year Pacific decadal oscillation, solar activity and volcanic activity—all having an effect on global weather and temperatures. Carbon dioxide, who’s effect diminishes after the first 60 ppm which intercepts 80% of the available radiation, is a minor player.
    Climate is measured in hundreds of years, not the variations in a couple of years.
    Geologic history shows that ice ages occur every 100,000 years and last for 90,000 years with shorter warm periods in between of about 10,000 years. We have been in our present warm period for almost 11,000 years and are overdue to go into the next ice age. Now, that’s something to worry about!

    • IheartAGW says:

      Well said. This is why the alarmist use sleight of hand on the uninformed. It’s “global warming”, er, “climate change”, er “climate disruption”. How does one quantify “climate disruption” anyway? “It is what I say it is.”

  7. James Macdonald says:

    Correction–first line- 4th warmest summer.

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  9. Derecho64 says:

    Over the same time period, Steve.

    But then you’re not one of the brighter analysts even by the undemanding standards of the blogosphere, so just about any real science flies right over your head.

  10. Lightfdar says:

    I just don’t get these control freak you bomb rush them with fact and evidence, then slaughter them with there own leaked data, then come back and burn there dead bodies with one of the coldest year in history, And all it takes is some time and money and there back with there banners and flags and treaties and scare and God know what else. What would it take to silence them for good so this is no longer a big distraction for the public

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