Collapsing Ice Sheet?

Some people imagine Antarctica to be like this :

They visualize that either through man caused global warming, or man caused global cooling, the ice sheet is going to slide down a steep slope into the ocean and flood the entire planet.

What they apparently don’t realize is that Antarctica is 3,000 miles long, and only three miles high. Scaled down, the ice sheet is as flat and thin and horizontal as a piece of paper sitting on a desk.

It can’t “collapse.” That idea comes from people with an active imagination and an extremely poor understanding of engineering. It would take thousands of years for a piece of ice to move from the interior of Antarctica to the coast, and during that time, the ice is being replenished in the interior.

Antarctica is the driest place on earth. The reason why there is so much ice is because it doesn’t move very much.

Same story for Greenland.

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3 Responses to Collapsing Ice Sheet?

  1. Eyes Wide Open says:

    You don’t understand, this is how it’s going to happen:

  2. Don B says:

    Or, scaled to the length of an American football field (100 yards), the ice would be about 3.5 inches thick.

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