John Holdren’s Ice Age – 1971

A different form of global climate disruption – he was warning us of a human induced ice age.

So now we know that the Antarctic Ice Sheet is going to collapse either from global cooling or from global warming.  These clowns just want that sucker to collapse, one way or another.  And no matter which way it goes ->>>>> it is going to be your fault.

More wisdom from Obama’s Science Czar

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4 Responses to John Holdren’s Ice Age – 1971

  1. Leon Brozyna says:

    I assume that in conformance with his beliefs, Mr. Holdren has had the snip-snip performed on himself.

  2. Paul H says:

    It really is frightening that a nutjob like this can get such a senior position in govt.

  3. GregO says:


    Oh you bring back such memories…I read all those books back then; remember “Future Shock”? What about “The Secret Lives of Plants”? The ’70s were such a silly time; oh wait – not much has changed – back then the fashion was disco music and imminent ice age and now days it’s gangsta rap and global warming.

    Fads and fashions and the madness of crowds.

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