Last Winter Was The Snowiest On Record In North America

The long term trend is also upwards. Note the two peaks in the late 1970s and at present.

Phil Jones tells us that the 1970s snow was due to cold weather caused by a rapid cooling of the oceans. Joe Romm tells us that recent snow is due to hot weather caused by global climate disruption.

So we have to define two different types of snow – cold snow, and hot snow. The peaks in 1978 and 2010 appeared very similar, but the experts tell us that a tiny increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration has changed the fundamental behaviour of physics and chemistry.

CO2 may well be the most powerful substance in the universe.

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7 Responses to Last Winter Was The Snowiest On Record In North America

  1. Byz says:

    No posting about Chelsea today?

    I wonder why ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Chelsea faced Newcastle United with 10 men for close to half an hour after secondโ€‘half injures to Salamon Kalou and Yossi Benayoun and yet still came so, so close to forcing extra-time through Nicolas Anelka’s second strike four minutes from time.

      • Byz says:


        but 3 of Newcastle’s goals were scored by the 49th minute when there were still 11 Chelsea players on the pitch.

        Chelsea did well to get back into it, unfortunately Chelsea have a history of using all their substitutions early (I remember Jose doing it) and then getting an injury. So it is a mistake by the manager.

        Saturday is going to be their first big match of the season against Man City so I think we’ll get a good idea of their form then.


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  3. Philip Finck says:

    Sounds to me like Chelsea’s team became `overheated’ while Newcastle remained `cool’, the result was a collapse of global goals by Chelsea while Chelsea’s warming caused cooling for Newcastle… and I am VERY afraid. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry guys, I’ve never watched a soccer game in my life but I couldn’t resist.

  4. barrufa says:

    Hi Steve!
    I wonder if the data of 1981 with so little snow is right?

    I think you are wrong in your next champion forecast
    the champions league, the new champion will be the FCB. Barcelona not Madrid by Mourinho, I hope ..

    Health and spirits to the work you do in your blog from Barcelona, Spain.

  5. Layne Blanchard says:

    While the rest of you were oogling Chelsea, I have been trying to study the science here.

    One of the first things I see is that the COLD snow is blue, the same as the primary Chelsea color, tho they do have a little HOT snow color in (under?) their collars.

    This proves that the team does not buy the scam of AGW. Another reason to be proud.

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