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Correlating Temperature With CO2

NCAR graph from the 1970s Now that at least one member of the Hockey team has acknowledged that the cooling in the 1970s was both real and natural, we can analyze older data which was not perturbed by people with … Continue reading

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Record Fast Arctic Freeze?

http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icecover.uk.php In mid-August, the winds kicked up in the Arctic and pushed the ice edge to the north – causing great joy amongst people wanting to claim Arctic Armageddon.

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The World’s Worst Flood – 1931

Flooding in China in 1931 killed as many as four million people, and left 80 million homeless. It was preceded by a three year drought and heavy snow/rain. Atmospheric CO2 levels were 310 ppm, well below Dr. Hansen’s “safe” level … Continue reading

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Philadelphia 2010 So Far – Not Quite As Hot As 1828

We all know by now that 2010 is the hottest year in history. Particularly on the US East Coast where Philadelphia has been almost as hot as it was 182 years ago.

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Philadelphia Summer 2010 – Just As Hot As 1828

Philadelphia’s “hottest ever summer” of 2010 averaged 78ºF from June-August. That is just as hot as it was June-August, 1828. When CO2 levels were 290 ppm. From The Harvard University Library

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Northwest Passage Freezing Over

http://ice-glaces.ec.gc.ca/Ice_Can/CMMBCTCA.gif “It is a little bit tricky — lots of fog and ice,” Börje Ivarsson, a Swedish adventurer who just finished a two-year journey from Russia to Inuvik on a 30-foot boat, told CBC News.

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A Smart Student At Princeton


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