Symptoms Of Climate Change

1. Heat
2. Cold
3. Mild temperatures
4. Wet
5. Dry

6. Normal precipitation
7. Snow
8. Lack of snow
9. Floods
10. Drought
11. Sunny days
12. Cloudy days
13. Days when you sit in front of your computer and never go outside
14. Wind
15. Calm

If you see any of these going on in your neighborhood, please report them immediately to NRDC.

When I was studying geology, we called these mud cracks. Now they are called global climate disruption.

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3 Responses to Symptoms Of Climate Change

  1. Matt says:

    I’ve always wondered how you could ever lose an argument of which, no matter the result, the causal factor was the same. Global warming causes snow, or a lack therof, cooler or warmer winters, hotter or cooler summers, more hurricanes, less hurricanes, etc. etc. etc. Anyone can make those predictions.

  2. Angel says:


  3. Angel says:

    I want some more information about climate change.Can anyone help me please…………

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