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Arctic Amplification?

http://s246.photobucket.com According to the experts, the Arctic is one of many places which is the “fastest warming place on the planet.” Supposedly, temperatures in the Arctic are rising several times faster than even the unprecedented heating in Scotland. The coloured … Continue reading

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Global Math Disruption : 2 + 2 + 2 = 0

PIOMAS tells us that ice thickness is at an all time low. Here is their June forecast : End of June: According to our model retrospective simulations, the ice in the Arctic has continued to thin at a remarkable rate. … Continue reading

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CSU Looking To Extend Losing Streak

CSU football (0-3) has the third longest losing streak in the country at 12, and is looking to extend that today at home against Idaho (2-1.)’ —————————– My strategy worked : http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20100925/UPDATES02/100925016/Rams+rally+to+snap+12-game+slide Minutes after missing a point-after touchdown kick that … Continue reading

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Hottest Year Ever – September Snow In Scotland

h/t to reader M Carpenter

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No Correlation Between CO2 And US Hurricane Strikes

The graph above plots the ten year running mean of US hurricane strikes vs. atmospheric CO2. As you can see, there is no correlation between increasing CO2 and increasing hurricane strikes.

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When You Are Saving The Planet, It Is OK To Make Stuff Up

Here is the claim : Over the past century, the number of hurricanes that strike each year has more than doubled, and scientists blame rising sea temperatures. Here is the reality :

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Technology Bias

Hurricane Lisa is yet another 2010 hurricane which most likely would not have been found in the past. It is barely above the minimum speed of a hurricane, and in an area of the ocean where hurricanes didn’t used to … Continue reading

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Comparing 1934 To 2010

1934 used to be the warmest year in the US, but was recently demoted out of the top spot by GISS and replaced by 1998. Below are animations comparing temperature departure graphs from 1934 and 2010. 1934 was a much … Continue reading

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July, 1934 – Blistering Heat

http://docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/062/mwr-062-07-c1.pdf Crushing heat across the US. Ten degrees above normal in the center of the country. Compare 1934 vs GISS hottest year ever, 2010.

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June 1934 – An Incredibly Hot Month

GISS has recently demoted 1934 from the #1 spot. Fortunately, NOAA has archived the original un-adjusted records.  The entire contiguous US had temperatures over 100º, and almost every state was far above normal. The midwest was seven degrees above normal. … Continue reading

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