Arctic Amplification?

According to the experts, the Arctic is one of many places which is the “fastest warming place on the planet.” Supposedly, temperatures in the Arctic are rising several times faster than even the unprecedented heating in Scotland.

The coloured area of the DMI graph below shows Arctic (north of 80N) temperature deviations since the start of summer (June 1.)

Blue represents days when the temperature was below normal. Red represents days when it was above normal. A numerical integration of these regions indicates that this summer/autumn has been a little below normal temperature in the high Arctic.

Remember, this is the hottest year ever, and the Arctic is the fastest warming place on the planet.

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5 Responses to Arctic Amplification?

  1. John says:

    Ho hum…This shocking evidence of unprecedented warming in this, the “hottest”
    year on record, is convincing and fills one with dread and anxiety–particularly if you are a professional worry wart who stands to make a mega bucks off of government grants. You will never stop global warming alarmists as long as it pays so well.

  2. phlogiston says:

    Looks like its been something of an Indian summer in September. Is this latent heat from a fast freeze – or just the weather?

  3. Hi,
    This is OT but was wondering if you can enlighten me
    The K/T budget, GHG calcs, etc. all use 15C/288K as the avg. global temp

    But if that were true, most of this satellite temp map would have to be at the very high end of the scale at 288K, but the ‘average’ eyeball temp appears to be considerably less

    what’s up with that?

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