Hottest Year Ever – September Snow In Scotland

h/t to reader M Carpenter

Weathermen warn snow could be on the way as early as NEXT WEEK

WE can all stop asking what happened to our summer, because winter is going to start NEXT WEEK.

That was the depressing warning yesterday from some forecasters, who claimed that parts of Scotland will see freezing weather and snow within days.

Jonathan Powell of Positive Weather Solutions warned of “a tail-off in temperatures, with possible snow in Scotland over any higher ground”.

He added: “It’s rare for snow to fall in September, but we’re seeing the mirror image of the late winter snow we had in May.”

Independent forecasters The Weather Outlook added: “Weather patterns are similar to September 20, 1919, which brought an amazing cold snap with snow on low ground.

“Before the 1919 cold, there were several days of warm weather as high pressure pushed across Britain, which is what looks like happening from Monday.

“It is quite remarkable to have snow so early but it’s looking increasingly realistic.”

The Met Office said: “There will be a chance of overnight frost from next week.”

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6 Responses to Hottest Year Ever – September Snow In Scotland

  1. etudiant says:

    Actually a pretty impressive call by the Met Office.
    They correctly forecast snow around Sept 13 for the following week, it was duly recorded Sept 25.
    Seems that their short term models work just fine.

  2. AndyW says:

    Lovely day out on the south coast of England today, looks like the next few days are more mild due to more cloud cover.

    Looking quite mild in Aviemore, no skies needed yet

    Seems to be getting warmer as well.


  3. fishnski says:

    Snow on the ground right on Schedule at Barrow,AK…Snowmaking at Loveland,CO starting yesterday….life is good, weather is normal…

  4. fishnski says:

    Snowmaking..AFTER.. a snowfall 2 days ago….Stay tuned!

  5. R. de Haan says:

    Met Office suffers from loss of credibility brought upon them by Cimate Change Advocacy of the worst possible kind (fraud) and a whole range of very bad weather forecasts (Barbeque summers and mild winters that were not will ring a bell)

    This will hunt them for a very long time because loss of trust is the worst that can happen to any person or any organization.

    Don’t you agree Mr. President?

    In the mean time we will get the weather that is predicted or not.
    Nature doesn’t lie. Snow and frost is not Global Warming.

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