Technology Bias

Hurricane Lisa is yet another 2010 hurricane which most likely would not have been found in the past. It is barely above the minimum speed of a hurricane, and in an area of the ocean where hurricanes didn’t used to get noticed.

Compare the hurricane tracks of 2010 (coloured) vs. 1933 – listed as the second most active hurricane year. Much of the hurricane activity in 2010 has been further east than the detection area in 1933.

Julia was listed as a major hurricane for a few hours, but might not have been noticed at all in 1933.

No hurricanes have made landfall in the US for over two years. In 1933, five hurricanes struck the US.

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1 Response to Technology Bias

  1. Byz says:

    These hurricanes are really cooling the atlantic.

    In the UK we rely on this heat in the winter to keep temperature above the rest of the continent of Europe.

    If the ocean surface is a couple of degrees colder than usual this could have a big impact as even weather from the west will be cooler plus the cyclones could be weaker 😮

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