Arctic Melting Both “Faster” And “Slower” Than “Expected”

This bear found the last remaining piece of ice.

A Google search for “ice melting faster than expected” turns up 134,000 results. A Google search for “ice melting slower than expected” turns up 433,000 results.

What happened was that some “scientists” chose to cherry pick a few warm years (2003-2007) as a basis to rush to press claims of Armageddon.

People who picture themselves to be scientists should probably stick to science, and quit thinking of themselves as gods responsible for saving the planet. That is not a very realistic  point of view and does not lead to good research or public policy.

Faster – 2009

Slower – 2010


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3 Responses to Arctic Melting Both “Faster” And “Slower” Than “Expected”

  1. Amino says:

    You think any of them will say, “It’s normal”?

    They keep saying things are different than they expected which shows they don’t know what’s going on. If they knew then things would be as they were expecting.

  2. Mark Landers says:

    Interestingly, DMI suggests that arctic temperatures have continued to drop in direct contrast to preceding years…if the drop continues then one should expect fairly robust gain in sea ice.

  3. PJB says:

    I believe that I have found the source of the problem.

    In the 70’s and early 80’s, there were a lot of ads for “frosty, freezing taste of Fresca” that created a cooling phase. Once again, lately, there have been many ads for chewing gum that refresh and cool with icy and freezing sensations.

    It’s all becoming so clear. I am sure that the latest ads for Dentists and shiny teeth will fix all of that “rotten” ice as well. I wonder where the Viagra ads will take us next?

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