Aliens Against Nuclear Proliferation

Now if we can just get them to solve global climate disruption, the world will be perfect.

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4 Responses to Aliens Against Nuclear Proliferation

  1. Scott says:

    Didn’t you see First Contact? Clearly the Borg aren’t the creatures to stop AGCD. They populate the Earth to “approximately 9 billion…all Borg” and plate the land masses with some sort of metal. 🙂

    Just saw the “Best of Both Worlds” TNG episodes again a few weeks ago…good stuff.


  2. bruce says:

    seems to me the great one- no not him, the original, JIMI CARTER, should be the alien interpreter. Aside from his dangerous encounter with that rabbit he has shown that he has great self confidence, err I mean self control. As such he can promote the good aspects of jimi/obamakind.

  3. Layne Blanchard says:

    Seems to me it would be a little hard to “infiltrate” when you’re 3 feet tall and gray in color. But that could just be my bias. What do you say when you look over in your secured facility, and see a group of little guys standing there in jumpsuits? Nanoo Nanoo? Peace?

    Maybe we can we convince them to stop off in Iran and Pakistan on their way home?

  4. don penman says:

    It could be these aliens that are putting the extra co2 in the atmosphere that we can’t explain and then they are taking the missing heat away with them .What else could it be?

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