July 1936 – Hottest On Record


Joe Romm tells us that the hot summer of 2010 on the Eastern Seaboard is proof of global warming.

Compare July 2010 below (hottest year on record) vs. July 1936 above.


The heat this July didn’t compare with July, 1936 – when temperatures were 12 degrees above normal in the center of the country. Not even in the ballpark.

For the entire summer, June-August 1936 stands out as the hottest on record – even after all the upwards adjustments to recent temperatures. Atmospheric CO2 was 310 ppm in 1936, indicating there was no correlation between the heat and CO2.


Belief in global warming depends on keeping people in the dark.


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6 Responses to July 1936 – Hottest On Record

  1. jrwakefield says:

    Hi Steven. Nice site. You may be interested in this I have done up here in Canada:

    Going to add your blog at the top.

    You may also be interested in this I’m doing (which is why I haven’t posted in the previous for a while, but will soon, showing 2010 was not anything unusual).



  2. Jason Miller says:

    What is the state or region covered by the above graph?

    You neglected to show the header which notes the state/region displayed on the NCDC site such as the following:

    Climate At A Glance

    Summer (Jun-Aug) Temperature
    Central Region
    Some of the following data are preliminary and have not been quality controlled.
    For official data, please contact the NCDC Climate Services and Monitoring Division at ncdc.orders@noaa.gov.

    And shouldn’t you have given credit to the NCDC site for producing the graph?

  3. Marcia, Marcia says:

    Joe Romm tells us that the hot summer of 2010 on the Eastern Seaboard is proof of global warming.

    Should that say ‘proof’ or ‘spoof’?

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