Coldest Summer In Decades In LA

Having ignored one of the coldest summers on record in LA, Joe Romm suddenly perked up today about yesterday’s hot weather.

Then he goes on with this brilliant quote :

Given that there are a lot more people in the world than there used to be, it is pretty much a no-brainer that a hot summer will affect more people than it did in the past.

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3 Responses to Coldest Summer In Decades In LA

  1. Amino says:

    i….no warmer summer….

    I love when these guys make these statements. They go out on a limb. People know it hasn’t been the hottest summer they’ve ever felt. So when these chaps say it is then people have reason to doubt them.

  2. Amino says:

    from the article:

    Jamie Meier, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Oxnard, said that LAX tied the coldest average temperature for August on record, going back to 1944.

    The global warming hypothesis, again, doesn’t have supporting evidence.

  3. Amino says:

    But, apparently, it’s ok for those on the leftof politics (which the LA Times is part of) to begin to break ranks with global warming since, it appears, global cooling is already coming back:

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