Obama Presides Over A Hurricane Free Presidency

In stark contrast to the Presidency of George W Bush, President Barack Obama is the first president to have not had a hurricane make landfall on US soil during his presidency.

It has now been almost 750 days since a hurricane made landfall in the US. And guess who was president then? You got it – George W Bush – the very same guy who was responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

The truly remarkable thing is that the last hurricane (Ike) dissipated only a couple of weeks after Barack Obama got the presidential nomination. A strong testament to the effectiveness of his global climate disruption strategy.

Obama’s hero President Franklin Roosevelt didn’t do so well. During his first year in office (1933) three major hurricanes struck the US during September alone. In 1935, America got slammed with a category 5 hurricane. (That hasn’t happened since George Bush Sr. was president.) President Roosevelt’s hurricane problem must have been due to the very high levels of atmospheric CO2 in 1933 – about 310 ppm.

There can be little doubt that President Obama has the midas touch when it comes to keeping America safe from hurricanes.


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3 Responses to Obama Presides Over A Hurricane Free Presidency

  1. humanpersonjr says:


    He said we should be thanking him. OK, Barack, thanks a pantload. Now, sit down and try to act like an adult.

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  3. Lawrie Ayres says:

    First we were told that AGW would cause more frequent and more damaging storms. Nature says that ain’t so. Damaging climate change would lead to snowless English winters. Nature says that ain’t so. At some time the alarmists have to fess up and say they are wrong.

    Here in Aus the new government is hell bent on a carbon tax when every sensible country is walking away. The PM has a consensus group working out the mechanism for the tax but non-believers aren’t allowed in. See. Her idea of consensus is the same as Jones, Briffa, Hansen and co.

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