Threatening Children With Violent Death

Global warmers are now promoting the idea that children who don’t reduce their carbon footprint should be murdered by their school teachers.

These people are complete scum. At least the witch burners in Salem usually killed adults. Which members of the “scientific” community are fueling this madness?

Here is how the Aztecs controlled the climate. Same mentality, just 500 years earlier .


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16 Responses to Threatening Children With Violent Death

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    I wonder how long it will take them to realise that this is an own goal?

  2. Jimash says:

    “Don’t you care about the children “?
    “Do you want people to die “?
    “Don’t you care about the Polar cows ” ?
    ” No, then we kill you, just like every other totalitarian dictatorship based on lies ,
    does with its dissidents and free thinkers.”
    It’s progressive !

  3. Craig says:

    One word … “Disgusting”

  4. Leon Brozyna says:

    Nothing quite as compelling as the concentration camp approach … or is that reeducation camp … or perhaps the work camp?

  5. omnologos says:

    Now that you make me think of it, the Aztec did try to control their climate with child sacrifice. Indeed!

  6. cementafriend says:

    It is gruesome but it seems like a spoof. It think it is implying that some activists would like to get rid of skeptical people in a Monty Python style but shows them up. I thought the radio announcer contribution was apt.
    British comedy has gone down hill since the GOONS. I much preferred the imagination of using a banana to shoot someone (can not remember if that was Neddy Seagoon)
    keep well

  7. Amino says:

    I remember the “Tennis Anyone? Monty Python’s “Sam Peckinpa’s Salad Days”” skit from Monty Python. It was funny. But that one was obviously humor. This video is troubling. I can’t see how the makers couldn’t know it would be offensive.

    They also have the numbers of global warming believers wrong. Poll numbers show the number of people who don’t believe in and/or care about global warming is growing. The video shows the opposite. This shows the makers are not up on what is really true.

    • Monty Python was never political. They made light of the hatred and violence of the Middle Ages in The Holy Grail, and showed how ridiculous it was.

      These people are doing exactly the opposite – violating the sanctity of childhood and the classroom. These children are in a trusted environment and are being murdered by their teacher.

  8. Amino says:

    The video is just sick. There’s no way around that.

  9. PJB says:

    It was clear that the “skeptics” in the film (I hesitate to say victims of the violence, as that would justify and validate the intent of the film.) were intended to be shown as losers (can’t even properly raise their hands as they are ashamed of their (lack of) convictions) and self-centered egotists.

    The real propaganda element is then disguised behind the blood and guts so that the message sinks in that only the losers aren’t joining in and look at what happens to them! Just be glad that you are on the “right” side.

  10. RichieP says:

    cementafriend says:
    October 1, 2010 at 1:33 am
    ‘It is gruesome but it seems like a spoof. ‘

    It’s no spoof. This was made by 10:10 and they have withdrawn the video from their website. This is a murder fantasy enacted, using children, to show what they really wish for and believe in their hearts (if they have them). They are anti-life and anti-freedom. They are the same as fascists or stalinists and there is every evidence they would try to do what they wish for. I am incoherent with anger and I’m not at all sure how I’ll react when I’m approached on 10/10 by some ecosheep.

  11. RichieP says:

    I note that your link to this evil propaganda is now dead (10:10 are in damage limitation mode and have removed it, along with the hundreds of disapproving comments). Many sensible sceptics downloaded it and it’s being reposted in several places so that it isn’t simply ‘disappeared’. They must not be allowed to get away with this. Here’s one:

  12. Mark says:

    “Which members of the “scientific” community are fueling this madness?
    Here is how the Aztecs controlled the climate. Same mentality, just 500 years earlier .”

    This query may be much closer to the truth than the excellent “comparison” that it is if you posit the possibility that those members of the scientific community in question are, in fact, actually reincarnated Aztec priests. Mysteries abound wherever we look, and Truth is never on the surface.


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  15. Maxbert says:

    Oh, my God, they blew up Kenny! You bastards!—10:10’s South Park, high concept of scientific debate.

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