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Accumlated Cyclone Energy At A 30 Year Low

Ryan N. Maue’s 2010 Global Tropical Cyclone Activity Update End of September update: The North Atlantic flurry dominates the Northern Hemisphere ACE contribution. But the lack of Pacific activity keeps the NH and global ACE still at 30-year lows. Basins … Continue reading

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The Fascist Decision

Sophie’s Choice Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren wants to abort children before they are born, and 10:10 wants to abort any child who doesn’t agree them – after they are born. Tough choice for the new generation of fascists. From … Continue reading

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10% Of Nothing

10:10 has a new ad campaign fantasizing about violence against schoolchildren who disagree with their point of view. Let’s look at the numbers to see what a 10% global reduction in man made CO2 would do. Man is responsible for … Continue reading

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EPA Winter Comedy

The EPA claims that North American snow cover is decreasing, when in fact winter snow cover is increasing. The past winter had the greatest snow cover on record according to Rutgers University.

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Fastest Arctic Freeze-Up On Record

It”s official. From September 20-30, JAXA gained 661,250 km² of ice. That is more than 11,000 Manhattans, and is the fastest start to winter in the JAXA database.

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September 2010 – Global Warming Terrorism Month

September, 2010 started with this guy taking global warming hostages and threatening to kill them. “All programs on Discovery Health-TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants “ The month ended with The Guardian promoting (as … Continue reading

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