350 ppm? Nonsense! We Need To Get Below 290.7 ppm!

After thousands (perhaps millions)  of years of completely stable temperatures – suddenly in the year 1880 the world started to heat out of control, due to human generated CO2. The graph below plots CO2 vs year during that period.

At first glance it appears that not much was changing, but we now know from peer reviewed science that there must be something magical about 290.7 ppm. The earth started heating out of control at 290.7, and basically has heated at the same rate for the past 120 years!

There is no physical explanation for why 290.7 ppm CO2 would cause a quantum shift in climate behaviour, so I am going to declare a new climate intrinsic number.

Scribble this in to your textbook.

Pi 3.14159
e 2.71828
CO2  290.741457

However … there is a problem here. Hansen claims that 350 ppm is safe, but nothing in the hockey stick supports this number. The world started heating unabated at 290.7 ppm. In order to make the world safe, we need to go back to 290.69.

The hockey stick proves it.

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4 Responses to 350 ppm? Nonsense! We Need To Get Below 290.7 ppm!

  1. Ed Caryl says:


  2. Nick says:

    What about the Sun, Can We Fix it? (Bob the builder)

  3. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    So in the past, CO2 rise has occurred after warming has occurred by a few hundred years. This is due to the increased temperature increases vegetation levels which increases free carbon in the carbon cycle.

    In the past, the CO2 has thus risen, but this rise does not amplify the rises on the chart in the past, it just follows the temperature, and it does not lead to runaway Greenhouses, since it’s not really a strong Greenhouse gas, it doesn’t cause the temperature rise it just means that vegetation has increased and it’s a marker of that.

    It is infantile to connect high CO2 levels with higher temperatures as a cause, as CO2 does not rise the temperature of the planet, it’s a trace gas of increased biological activity in the carbon cycle because of increased temperatures. It just means plants and animals have been busy living, instead of carbon being stuck in limestone or on the bottom of the ocean.

  4. MikeA says:

    Hey, plot the temperature in Kelvin and you can prove there’s been no temperature change!

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